Manage your system remotely

Stay connected, make changes, and send updates from anywhere.

Remote management

Always connected

Cut support costs and manage your team remotely with our online Portal. Add updates, monitor activity and check the battery level of your devices – anywhere, anytime.

Get greater control of your devices

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Manage all of your estate’s devices in one place

Filter by location or individual store to manage your VoCoVo devices.

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Remote configuration

Manage your equipment’s health and set-up remotely with user levels for access.

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Cloud based & secure

No need for expensive servers or infrastructure. Access from anywhere and manage your devices securely.

Device management

Check device health and battery life

It’s never been easier to keep your tech in check. Want to check battery on a device that’s in use? Track a missing unit? Or get replacement alerts well in advance? Just log in to the Portal from your store or remotely to get this information in real-time.

Optimise teams

Track, test and improve

Our reports feature gives you access to all the data you need to optimise performance across your stores, with information like Headset activity, Call Point usage and colleague response times all at your fingertips. Checking and comparing performance between stores and areas, setting benchmarks and building-out leadership tables for your incentive schemes has never been easier.

Locate devices

Better protection for your kit

Minimise lost or missing hardware by locating individual devices and checking who used them last, with our device management feature.

More great benefits

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Manage permissions

Choose who can access what in your online Portal with various permission level options for individuals and teams.

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Selective broadcasting

Send updates to individual colleagues, teams, stores or areas ‘over the air’ by logging in to the online Portal.

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Self support

Unlike conventional systems, you don’t need a third-party support team with VoCoVo. Just log in to our online portal and manage your system remotely.

Software capabilities

Bring the power of voice to your stores

From CCTV and Telephone integration to running apps like Kronos and Reflexis, our systems have the power to connect all the tech you trust. With ready-to-go standard features like real-time reporting, data exports and IoT alerts to help you build safer, more efficient, coordinated stores.

How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favourite third-party integrations, to drive efficiencies and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

View the full ecosystem

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