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Ready to sync with the services you trust, VoCoVo keeps your store and team connected.

Hey, VoCoVo. What’s next?

We know your teams rely on a range of apps and services. That’s why VoCoVo integrates seamlessly with applications from industry experts like JDA, Kronos and Reflexis. And our systems don’t just link your people with their apps. VoCoVo connects with smart devices and existing infrastructure across your store like security doors, CCTV, smart shelving and fridges to alert your team when shelves need restocking or raise the alarm when security is compromised.

Workforce Management

VoCoVo turns task notifications generated in apps like Reflexis to voice messages your staff can access via their Headset.

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Telephone integration

VoCoVo integrates with your telephony system so colleagues can handle all incoming and outgoing calls and connect to emergency services via their Headsets.

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Smart devices

VoCoVo connects with your smart devices via API so colleagues can listen and respond to notifications from cameras, shelving and self-checkouts with a simple voice command.

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Internal collaboration

Broadcast updates from Head Office direct to specific colleagues, teams, or stores and let them respond with a voice command from their Headset.

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Self-checkout integration

Authorise transactions faster, get more customers through self-checkout and improve self-checkout efficiency, all with fewer members of staff.

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How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favourite third-party integrations, to drive efficiencies and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

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