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Happy, motivated, connected teams produce the best results for your customers and bottom line.

Our clients benefit from

Our tech is good news for customers, too. According to our research, customers are 300% happier with their in-store experience when stores use VoCoVo.

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Scaleable & easy to install

A fully-modular solution that grows with your business.

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No more open radio frequencies or noisy tannoy announcements.

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Connect your estate

Stores can contact each other and recieve updates through Head Office tools and apps.

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Pays for itself

Our customer data shows that, on average, efficiencies cover the cost of VoCoVo within 3 months.

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API ready

Easy to integrate with any app, service or device with an API.

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Reduced theft

Colleagues can talk to each other and contact emergency services while keeping potential threats in sight.

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