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Enabling the connected store of the future

VoCoVo communicates with existing systems to keep your store and your team in-sync.

Tech that talks

Integrating with tech that supports your people

VoCoVo integrates with your existing systems to keep your team up-to-date with alerts from smart devices across your store. So when your CCTV system picks up something suspicious or your smart shelving needs a refill, you can rely on VoCoVo to notify your team for more productive, safer stores.


Connecting everything in-store

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Fully connected stores

Unlimited integrations with any smart devices or services such as CCTV, shelving, kiosks and much more.

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Create automated processes

Create automated processes and alerts between your equipment and Headsets.

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One device for everything

No more multiple devices for managing several different technologies. Our Headsets can receive notifications and control everything from one place.

Connect the whole store

Unlimited integrations

Love tech? So do we. That’s why VoCoVo seamlessly integrates with thousands of great tools, equipment and apps on the market. We can integrate your system with any service or device that has an API and transfer those notifications and controls to your VoCoVo Headsets.

Get the right alerts

Important notifications, fewer interruptions

Managing security and productivity is a fine balance. With VoCoVo, you can create automated processes so your smart devices will only alert colleagues under specific circumstances. For example, you can choose to notify staff to open a new checkout when a smart camera picks up a waiting time of over one minute.

How it works

By integrating smart devices like intelligent shelving with VoCoVo, you can gain greater efficiency of tasks and ensure restocking matches demand.

  1. Stock running low
    The smart shelving recognises a product is getting low due to increased demand, e.g. bottled water on a hot day.
  2. Alert sent
    The shelf’s automated alert to restock bottled water is delivered to the restocking colleague’s Headset.
  3. Stock replenished
    The member of the team grabs the items from the stock room, and replenishes the shelf quickly, ready for more sales!

The benefits of our IoT software

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No more baggage

Excess tech weighing you down? Our lightweight, wearable Headsets replace all other devices so you can stop equipping your team with clunky smartphones and PDAs.

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Voice notifications

VoCoVo turns task notifications generated in apps like JDA, Kronos and Reflexis to voice messages your staff can access via their Headsets.

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Faster authorisations

Authorise transactions faster and get more customers through the checkouts with our voice authorisation feature.

Software capabilities

Bring the power of voice to your stores

From CCTV and Telephone integration to running apps like Kronos and Reflexis, our systems have the power to connect all the tech you trust. With ready-to-go standard features like real-time reporting, data exports and IoT alerts to help you build safer, more efficient, coordinated stores.

How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favourite third-party integrations, to drive efficiencies and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

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