No more missed calls

Give your whole team the power to make, answer, hold and transfer calls from anywhere in-store.

All-in-one communication

With our VoCoVo Headsets, your team can make outgoing calls, answer, hold and transfer customer calls, listen to voice messages and get involved in team talks from anywhere in-store, without ever having to pick up the phone. Our advanced telephony options also include features like speed dial, callbacks and call forwarding.

Connecting your customers easily

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Never miss a call

The phones are always managed when any of your team can answer calls from wherever they are in the building.

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Integrate with any telephony provider

PSTN, ISDN, PBX… it doesn’t matter. We can integrate or even totally replace your telephone service provider.

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Make sure the right colleague gets the call

Manage which members of your team can make and recieve calls, and integrate your IVR so the right departments are reachable.

Integrates with all providers

We can integrate our Headsets and Handsets with any telephony provider so your teams can receive and make calls directly from their VoCoVo devices. 

Freedom to roam

Think of all the hours your team spend manning the phones or rushing to the stockroom. With VoCoVo, your team resolve customer queries directly from the shop floor.

How it works

Once integrated with (or replacing) your current telephony provider, you can select which members of your team can recieve and make calls via their headset.

  1. A customer calls the store or restaurant
    The selected Headsets of specified colleagues will ring like a regular call, and one of the team can answer at the touch of the PTT button.
  2. Answer from the floor
    They can then answer and handle the call while roaming the store which is useful for checking stock.
  3. Transfer to a colleague easily
    They can mute or forward the call by putting the customer on hold and informing the relevant colleague to pick it up whilst still using the Headset.

Integrate your telephony system for…

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Better customer service

Answer questions quickly and directly from the shelf when calls can be taken outside of the office.

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Cheaper phone solution

Ditch your expensive telephony licences and let VoCoVo manage your telephony solution.

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One device

Excess tech weighing you down? Our lightweight, wearable Headsets replace all other devices so you can stop equipping your team with clunky smartphones and PDAs.

Software capabilities

Bring the power of voice to your stores

From CCTV and Telephone integration to running apps like Kronos and Reflexis, our systems have the power to connect all the tech you trust. With ready-to-go standard features like real-time reporting, data exports and IoT alerts to help you build safer, more efficient, coordinated stores.

How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favourite third-party integrations, to drive efficiencies and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

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