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Only pay for the support you need with the VoCoVo Care option that’s right for you.

Our care packages

What’s included?

We offer three VoCoVo Care options—Standard Care, Maas (Managed as a Service) and DaaS (Device as a Service)—making it easy to get the level of support you need. All include your own dedicated Account Manager, email support, telephone support and FAQ, hands-on training for your team and triage training for your IT department and access to our support guides. Our hardware warranty starts at 12 months and extends to the duration of your contract with MaaS and DaaS Care.

Need to contact our support team? We’ll answer the phone within 20 seconds when you call and respond with an action plan via email—even faster with MaaS and DaaS.

Level 1

Get started with Standard Care

Our Standard Care option comes with everything you need to manage your VoCoVo system in-house. It’s perfect for smaller stores that want to track performance, manage their tech and do their own software updates through our online Portal—with responsive support from our VoCoVo team when they need it. You’ll get access to system reports that show how your stores are performing, as well as hardware insights like device temperature, charging status and individual battery health to make maintenance easy.

Level 2

Let us manage your system with MaaS Care

Our MaaS (Managed as a Service) Care option is all about proactive maintenance and maximising performance. It’s perfect for stores that want to invest in their kit and leave maintaining their system to us. With MaaS Care, we’ll keep a track of your Headsets, Handsets Call points and Keypads and swap old devices for new before they degrade. No sending away faulty devices or waiting for repairs and replacements. You’ll also benefit from extended warranty on all your VoCoVo hardware for the duration of your contract and if you need an engineer on-site, that’s included too.

Level 3

Leave everything to us with DaaS Care

DaaS (Device as a Service) Care option combines all the benefits of MaaS with our ultimate done-for-you service. With your infrastructure in place, we’ll supply, monitor and maintain all your VoCoVo devices on a lease basis. So when a Headset battery stops holding a charge as it should or in the unlikely event a Controller overheats, we’ll identify the problem and replace it for new before it impacts your store—you save on upfront equipment costs and we keep your system running without a hitch. Just as with MaaS Care, we’ll send you a monthly report on your system’s performance to help you grow and improve across your locations.

With DaaS, you’ll get extended warranty, free on-site engineer visits and even faster responses from our VoCoVo Support Team too.

Trust VoCoVo for your support

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Easy ticketing

Raise support tickets direct with our knowledgeable team, update them and track progress via our online Portal’s secure ticketing system.

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Proactive maintenance

Track and monitor the health of your devices or request an engineer visit through the Portal, so you can resolve issues quickly and avoid downtime.

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Fast kit replacement

With MaaS and DaaS Care, when a device shows up as faulty we’ll dispatch a replacement to you right away. No third party stockists and no delays.

Software capabilities

Bring the power of voice to your stores

From CCTV and Telephone integration to running apps like Kronos and Reflexis, our systems have the power to connect all the tech you trust. With ready-to-go standard features like real-time reporting, data exports and IoT alerts to help you build safer, more efficient, coordinated stores.

How our voice and data ecosystem works

Sometimes, it’s not enough to build something new. That’s why our ecosystem combines the power of our VoCoVo hardware and software with all your favourite third-party integrations, to drive efficiencies and help you run market-leading stores into the future.

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