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The floor manager’s VOCOVO handset is on his desk in loudspeaker mode while he monitors headset communication activity on the shop floor.

An Urgent Product Recall request has been received

The Manager confirms via his smart phone app that the request had been Actioned & Completed. Head office system automatically updates with store Product Recall status.

The retail assistant hears a message on her VOCOVO headset, ‘Customer assistance – Audio department’.

She uses the Push- to-Talk button on her VOCOVO headset to speak with the customer via the callpoint’s Audio TalkBack feature.

A checkout operator has pressed ‘pricing enquiry’ on the VOCOVO Checkout KeyPad.

Her supervisor is using his VOCOVO headset to speak with her and resolve the query. The checkout operator hears his answer via the KeyPad’s Audio TalkBack feature.

A customer needs assistance in the changing room and has pressed the VOCOVO CallPoint.

The retail assistant has heard the message via her VOCOVO headset that changing room 4 needs assistance. She has spoken to the customer via the callpoint’s Audio TalkBack feature and is on her way with a garment.

A multi-tasking retail assistant has answered an incoming customer telephone call using the call handling function on the VOCOVO headset.

A retail assistant is using her VOCOVO smart phone app to check the product pricing and stock levels.

A Real-Time Event alert has been received onto the supervisor's smart phone notifying her that the freezer 4 temperature is rising and needs immediate attention.

A customer is choosing a new television, but can’t decide which model.

So he requests assistance from store staff via the VOCOVO Customer CallPoint. He hears the assistant saying she is on her way via the callpoint’s Audio TalkBack feature.

A retail assistant is with a customer on the shop floor checking the whereabouts of an order.

She speaks instantly with the supervisor at the offsite warehouse via their VOCOVO headsets. The retail assistant confirms to the customer that the product is being despatched today.