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The power of voice

Powered by our VoCoVo Infrastructure

VoCoVo is a modular and scalable solution that’s tailored to cover all areas of your store—including parking lots, warehouses, and multiple floors. Each Base Unit is a hub for up to 29 Headsets and Handsets, and our Repeaters make it easy to extend coverage across your entire store—inside and out.

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A multi-talented solution

Our wireless communication Headsets may be built on the latest conferencing technology, but they are so much more.

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Scaleable & easy to install

VoCoVo is a fully-modular solution that’s designed around your business and ready to grow when you are.

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Full-duplex speech

Proven voice technology makes it easy to talk in real-time and prevent miscommunications.

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Unbeatably secure

No open radio frequencies and no more loud PA announcements.

The core

VoCoVo Controller

Your Controller forms the core of a highly scalable system. The VoCoVo Controller can be located anywhere on site and connects to VoCoVo Base Units using an existing or a dedicated CAT5 network. VoCoVo Controllers can communicate with each other, offering truly integrated team communications across your company.

Connect all devices

VoCoVo Base Unit

Our Base Unit is the wireless backbone to the range of VoCoVo devices. The Base Units can work as standalone or be networked to provide a multi-cell wireless infrastructure.

With a range of up to 300 meters per cell and multi-cell capability, VoCoVo can cover even the largest stores easily. From multi-floor retail stores to stadiums, and beyond.

Boost your signal

Your VoCoVo Repeater

The Repeater makes it easy to extend the range of your wireless VoCoVo network.

In standalone systems, the Repeater can provide extended coverage, where a multi-cell installation would normally be required.


Connect your entire store

We cover the world’s biggest Primark in Birmingham, UK—seven floors of fashion with over 300 retail associates. We can do this by adding additional Base Units and Repeaters to cover the largest stores inside and out.

Installed by our experts

The installation process

Installing our infrastructure is straightforward and only handled by VoCoVo or authorized engineers.

  1. Pre-install
    We’ll complete a site survey to assess what equipment to install and where, to achieve the strongest and widest signal coverage across all areas.
  2. Install
    A VoCoVo or VoCoVo-authorized engineer team will visit your store and install your system at a time that suits you. They’ll test the signal at each step to ensure total coverage.
  3. Handover and support
    The engineers will give you an overview of your system and hand it over to your store team, ready to use. Our care team will follow up with you to offer support and additional training.

Product Specification

Dimensions including stand (mm)
200W X 150H X 57D (indoor enclosure)
330g (indoor enclosure) 580g (outdoor enclosure)
Internal omni-directional antennas Indoor Range: 50 m / Outdoor Range: 300 m
1880 -1900 MHz (10 carriers) Europe/AU/NZ 1920 – 1930 MHz (5 carriers) US
Standards & Approvals
EN301406 (TBR6) EN30176-2 (TBR10) EN60950-1 (SAFETY)
IEC60950-1 -CSA-c CSA-us or UL60950-1 EN301489 (EMC,ESD)
RF (EMF,SAR) FCC part 15D, conducted & radiated FCC part 15B RSS213

Temperature range °C (°F)
-5° to +55° (23 to 133°F)
Power supply
Power over ethernet (PoE): 48V-IEEE802.3af (Class 2)
Energy usage
4W (per unit)
IP ratings
Indoor enclosure – IP20 / Outdoor enclosure – IP54/65

Frequently asked questions

Can I install the system myself?

Our entry-level solutions are designed to be quick and easy to install. If you can put up a shelf, you can install VoCoVo. For larger scale VoCoVo systems, we offer installation by our trained engineers.

What is VoCoVo’s range and coverage?

Virtually limitless.

A basic VoCoVo ‘Go’ setup powered by a single Base Unit will cater effortlessly for most small and medium sites.

Repeaters around a single Base Unit amplify the signal into hard-to-reach corners. Whether you need more Base Units or Repeaters will come down to the site footprint.

For enterprise and warehouse scale installs covering vast floor space, you’ll need a Controller Unit able to service around 1000 headsets across vast, olympic-scale sites.

We’ll hand-hold teams with granular training and will also offer guidance on the ‘perfect fit’ VoCoVo install for what you’d like to achieve in the spaces you’d like to achieve it in.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes! We’ll support your teams with VoCoVo training and also offer guidance on creating the perfect VoCoVo system for your space and your goals. Our video tutorials show you how to get the best from VoCoVo and our technical support team is available online to answer your questions.

Do I need special wiring or power connections?

No, VoCoVo can be connected to a standard electrical socket or an electrical spur. To get the best from the system we recommend that the Controller is positioned in a central location and mounted high up to improve coverage.

Will VoCoVo overload my Wi-Fi?


Instead of competing with wifi dependent systems, VoCoVo runs on its own frequency dedicated to carry voice communication in a local environment. If your wifi goes down, no big deal. VoCoVo keeps on running and the show goes on. 


An internet connection is required should you want to access additional features such as our insight portal, customisable Call Points and various integrations. 

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