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Driving teamwork with Halfords

Connecting teams in 460 Halfords stores across the UK.


At Halfords, journeys are important. Every single one of them.

Halfords need no introduction, though they still deserve one. Originally founded as a wholesale ironmongery in 1892, they’re now at the front of the pack and wearing the yellow jersey in all things ‘cycling’ having made key acquisitions in recent years that

have helped bootstrap growth and secure their position in the market as one of, if not *the* the most trusted brand in its space.

Having captured one-third of the UK ‘bicycles’ market and opened 465 new sites since 2010, Halfords wanted to invest in a communications infrastructure update to meet the challenges of growth and prevent inefficiencies in increasingly demanding day-to-day operations-VoCoVo sought to help them do just that.

VoCoVo’s impact

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Detect and prevent weekly thefts

Teams are able to identify potential theft risks and stay vigilant. This has 
led to a reduction in loss of high value items.

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Improved customer experience

VoCoVo allows Store Managers and Area Managers to deliver daily direction and keep staff engaged through regular updates and briefings.

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Making their workforce the experts

By allowing store colleagues to communicate with each other as a group, it enables them to ask questions and learn whilst working.


Staying ahead of the game and tackling theft.

Halfords’ interest in VoCoVo was the result of a proactive attitude mindful of the need to future-proof by tapping into the ‘prevention-not-cure’ net benefits that VoCoVo can deliver, although active pain points had emerged in particular around theft, communication blockages with outside-of-the-store mechanics and a need to reduce dependency on loud tannoy messages broadcasts that impact customer experience.

The goal was to confine communication to team-only broadcasts while creating other measurable efficiencies by better connecting departments, teams and individuals across the ample floorplans that are typical of Halfords stores.

Timesaving, team morale and the ability to better-fulfil client needs without fuss and delay were perks that Halfords could see going a long way towards further improving brand strength and better capturing of commercial opportunities.

Better communication for customer experience, stopping theft and up-selling.

To cater for the often spacious layouts of Halfords stores, VoCoVo suggested an advanced setup a level up from the flagship ‘Go’ system. The install comprised of base units for generous, reliable headset coverage, plus one controller unit per store to facilitate Call Points aimed at offering better customer empowerment for maximisation of up-selling and reductions in the number of people leaving empty-handed, without purchases.

The impact of the VoCoVo are clear to see with reports in some stores of a total elimination of tannoy broadcasts that affect the customer experience, while also noticing a significant reduction in weekly losses with increased ability to discreetly detect and prevent theft of commonly targeted, high value items, without putting themselves at risk.

Team interactions have also witnessed significant streamlining effects instead of abandoning customers to consult senior colleagues about a query or request, attendants are able to confer over VoCoVo headset to remain present at the customer’s side and give a near-instant answer.

The domino effect is an informed, connected, more empowered workforce more able to identify and capture upselling opportunities, build trust with customers and maintain vigilance and security, while also better-representing the reliability, competence and authority of the Halfords brand.

“VoCoVo allows us to work on customers’ cars outside, whilst still being fully connected to the rest team. It’s completely changed the way we work.”

Tom James  |   Store Manager

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