Drive business efficiency with VOCOVO team communications.


Retail & wholesale communication systems, headsets & callpoints

Retail & wholesale communication systems

Drive efficiency, boost sales & deliver unbeatable customer experience with our team communication systems

Manufacturing & Warehouse team telecoms system solutions

Manufacture & warehousing

Keep production running with instant communication. Connect your teams seamlessly with our headsets.

Stage & Event communication system solutions

Stage & event communications solutions

Do away with wires, cabling & battery belt packs. Our headsets offer unlimited wireless coverage.

Team communication systems; headsets for any business

Other industries

Major quantifiable benefits in many business environments. Team communication systems for every business.


Unlimited wireless coverage
Modular & scalable
Rapid return on investment
Drives business efficiency
Instant team communication
Encourages team work
Integration with telephony
Robust Devices


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    Digitalisation is leading to new market challenges but it is also providing today’s businesses with innovative ways of addressing them. Smarter working trends are enabling new ways for teams to communicate in the workplace, presenting a phenomenal opportunity for today’s Tier 1 retailers to minimise inefficiencies, drive sales, and transform business operations. To counter the…

  • RBTE London Olympia 2018

    The best RBTE ever!!

    We met so many Tier 1 Retailers over the two days at the RBTE.

    Some already using VOCOVO and others wanting to set up trials!


    Come and visit us next year!

  • The RBTE has quickly become the leading expo for innovative technology for the retail industry.

    VOCOVO is an integral part of this technology to retailers.

    Book a demonstration at the RBTE Expo to see how VOCOVO telephony integration will increase sales and profits in your stores.

    Call or email us today for a time slot – 01386 725100 /