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Streamline your checkouts

Allow your checkout teams to get support at the touch of a button.

Connect your till colleagues

VoCoVo Keypads

The VoCoVo Keypad with audio communication allows checkout or customer service colleagues to request assistance and to specify the nature of their request at the touch of a button.

Pressing one of the customised keys instantly generates an audible message that is broadcast to colleagues on VoCoVo conference(s) via their Headset or Handset. The message states the location and the nature of the request, making it easy to identify the need and respond accordingly.

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Colleague paging systems to minimise the queues

Checkout colleague lead notifications direct to colleague wireless headsets

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Scaleable & easy to install

A fully modular solution that grows with and for your business needs.

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No Wi-Fi

Doesn’t put a strain nor rely on your Wi-Fi to communicate, making VoCoVo fully reliable.

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No open radio frequencies and no more loud tannoy announcements.

Push to request

Two way colleague communication

VoCoVo Keypads have integrated audio so assisting colleagues can call-back to the Keypad with full duplex speech eliminating the round trip to the checkout. The custom message feature means checkout colleagues can request help for something there is no button for. Their short recorded message is broadcast to the VoCoVo conference(s).

Team efficiences

Supported checkouts

With our Keypads, checkout staff have all the help they need at their fingertips. Calling for assistance is as simple as pressing a button, with the option to open a two-way conversion between the Keypad and a colleague’s Headset.


Tech built for your business

VoCoVo Headsets and Keypads offer simple to use, wireless team communications with crystal clear audio enabling your teams to communicate instantly across the widest areas.

Built around proven digital radio technology, communications between colleagues is simple and intuitive. Forget crackling walkie-talkies, poor voice quality, and barged in conversations. With VoCoVo conferenced technology, colleagues are free to concentrate on the task, not the tool.

A lot of us were sceptical at first, as we were worried that we would really notice wearing the Headsets. We were all shocked at how lightweight the headsets are, we forget we have them on!

Remove tannoys

Keep things private

Ditch noisy tannoy announcements and let checkout teams contact other colleagues discreetly—straight to their Handset or Headset. 


Unlock usage and data statistics

Keypad data and statistics enable businesses to make customer service a measure of store performance. It also enables businesses to monitor response times and identify training requirements. System data and statistics are available with VoCoVo support packages.

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Battery life

Tech that doesn’t run out

Depending on usage, the VoCoVo Keypads only requires a full battery charge once a month. Preventing the need for constant maintenance.

VoCoVo Keypads are configured through the VoCoVo Controller. Voice messages, number of repeats, message priorities, and more are all remotely managed. The Keypad can be permanently or battery powered from rechargeable NiMH, or dry cell lithium or alkaline battery packs.

Product Specification

Dimensions (mm)
120W X 112H X 27D (mm)
240g (without battery) 360g (with battery)
1.880 – 1.900 GHz (DECT)
Up to 120m line of sight in open space environments Up to 10m for Bluetooth
Battery Specifications
Rechargeable NiMH Pack 4.8V DC Alkaline Pack 6V DC
Power options
Micro-USB battery charge port. Battery-less power input (RJ11 rear feed) Mains 240V
Energy usage
2.5W (per unit)

Frequently asked questions

Do I need Call Points and Keypads?

If you have a large store with areas that are not cost effective to have a member of your team in at all times (e.g. aquarium in a pet store), then a Call Point can allow customers to summon colleagues at the touch of a button. It will send an alert to the team’s Headsets, which a colleague can pick up and talk directly to the customer, or attend in person. 

Keypads can be installed in checkout areas for colleagues to tap a specific button for assistance such as needing to open a new till. This will notify a supervisor instantly who can support as needed.

If I have a VoCoVo install with just Headsets, can I add Keypads at a later date?

Yes, but this will require additional infrastructure as a VoCoVo controller is needed to manage the devices.

How many button options can a Keypad have?

The keypads have 8 segments within the button face, which can all be used independently or combined for fewer options and larger button spaces. We can undertake the design and printing of keypoint buttons for additional cost.

Will VoCoVo overload my Wi-Fi?


Instead of competing with wifi dependent systems, VoCoVo runs on its own frequency dedicated to carry voice communication in a local environment. If your wifi goes down, no big deal. VoCoVo keeps on running and the show goes on.

An internet connection is required should you want to access additional features such as our insight portal, customisable call points and various integrations.

Can I get a demonstration?

Yes, of course you can have a demonstration of VoCoVo – just contact us and we’ll arrange a suitable date and time for you.

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