Boosting team productivity through voice

Connect your people and save time by taking the steps out of contacting colleagues, checking stock and finding answers.

How it works

More talking, less walking

Think of all that time wasted walking around the store, finding answers and checking stock rooms. VoCoVo makes that a thing of the past.

Real-time conversations between teams

No more one-way conversations on walkie-talkies or robotic commands to find a colleague. Just press a button and start talking. With VoCoVo’s full-duplex speech, everyone can talk and listen at the same time with crystal-clear audio.

Cut costs by saving steps

Based on data from our customers, reducing kilometres travelled by 1km per colleague, per day, saves an average of £16,425 per store, per year. Staff can perform stock checks, get help from their colleagues and respond to alerts, without having to move around the store. The best bit? The average reduction in travel time with VoCoVo is 1.4km and even with a 1km reduction, you’ll typically recoup your rollout costs within three months.

Upgrade your system to supercharge your store

We’re constantly adding new capabilities to our system—if you rely on it, we can integrate it. VoCoVo comes ready to connect to existing systems like CCTV, security doors and smart shelving to improve productivity and help your team combat theft together.

Think of all those miles & hours you’ll save

VoCoVo has proven that by connecting teams, your colleagues are more productive and don’t need to travel around the store as much to find answers or check stock.

  • A leading UK supermarket reported £2.5 million in savings with VoCoVo.
  • 400% happier when stores use our tech
  • 198% faster service

Colleagues are able to speak to multiple teammates at one time, enabling them to ask ask questions and be more productive with their time

Connected teams benefit from…

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Knowledge transfer

Teams can share their knowledge instantly by asking each other questions.

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Team morale

Colleagues feel safer and better connected with the use of VoCoVo.

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New starters can be shadowed and mentored remotely, allowing senior staff to stay active.

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Unified communication

Allow stores to connect to each other, and send messages through head office apps.

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Efficient colleagues

No longer having to walk around for answers colleagues can get on with the tasks at hand.

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Customer experience

Customers now get the best from your colleagues and services.

Start your journey towards a better connected team