Businesses today face greater challenges now than ever before. One of the best ways for retailers and other brick and mortar businesses to compete with e-commerce giants is to wow their customers with outstanding service.

VOCOVO’s communication solutions for retail and other industries helps your team to better meet the customer’s needs and deliver a positive, integrated, efficient experience their customers will never forget. Discover how your business can optimise its operations for customer experience.

What is great customer experience?

From providing a smooth, stress-free service to being proactive around the workplace, customer experience is based on a foundation of efficient team communication. A clear communication strategy ensures completion of each aspect of the customer’s goal, and ultimately, continued customer satisfaction.

In the digital age, when over half of UK consumers prefer to shop online than in-store, focusing on creating a great customer experience is vital. A recent survey revealed that 65% of c-level executives rank improving customer experience as the most important overall business objective, even above net profit and revenue growth.

But what is a great customer experience and how can it guarantee a return or even improvement in footfall? As The Harvard Business Review Assessment defines it, ‘To be really successful on a long-term basis, customer experience needs to be seen as … the sum-totality of how customers engage with your company and brand, not just in a snapshot in time, but throughout the entire arc of being a customer.’

‘Customer experience isn’t defined by one moment but every experience a customer has with your business, at every touchpoint.’

The importance of team communication in the workplace

Key to competing amidst rising consumer expectations and the growth of ecommerce is team communication, offering companies across all industries the ability to connect their teams, improve efficiency, and better help their customers.

Communication is a vital component of the modern workplace. From store colleagues to owners and directors, team communication plays an essential role in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships. Traditional communication channels such as walkie-talkies no longer deliver the speed and clarity of communication demanded by today’s commercial environments.

‘Team communication plays an essential role in achieving productivity and maintaining strong working relationships.’

To address this gap in the market, innovative technology such as VOCOVO’s team communication software is continually being developed to provide fully integrated, joined up solutions for modern businesses that have recognised the commercial impact of clear, instant communication in the workplace.

This technology contributes considerably to the competitive pressures and soaring consumer expectations, providing the magic behind every great customer experience.

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Great Customer Experience in Retail with VOCOVO

Great Customer Experience in Retail with VOCOVO

great customer experience in retail with VOCOVO

Here are just some of the business impacts our customers have achieved as a result of trialling and then rolling out our team communication software:

customer experience

Queues at the checkout reduced, saving 7 man hours per store, per week

customer experience

40% efficiency savings achieved

customer experience

6% increase in revenue achieved

How are businesses creating great customer experiences?

It’s no secret that the efficiency and morale of a workforce directly influences customer experience, so it’s just as important to focus on your employees’ satisfaction as it is your customers’. Motivation, training, rewards, and comfort are all traditional ways management can inspire, empower, and enable the staff colleagues. Today, team communication software is also a realistic and cost-effective solution.

‘Simple solutions like employee headsets can transform the way a workplace operates.’

Simple solutions like employee headsets can transform the way a workplace operates, making life a lot easier for colleagues at all levels of the business hierarchy.

Customer-friendly technology, including store floor assistance push buttons, operate from ‘behind-the-scenes’ software interfaces, creating an overall positive impact on footfall, revenue, and customer experience. With the correct software and training provided, team communication has never been easier.

Read about the small headsets making a big difference to one food retail giant’s store efficiency.

‘As a Team Leader, if a member of my team was on the till, they’d have to call me on the tannoy and I’d need to stop what I was doing to go over and find out what they needed’, writes the Co-Op’s Team Leader Wendy McCuish. ‘Now, with our headsets, they can tell me exactly what the problem is and then we can work out whether I’m needed at the till or if it’s something they can sort out themselves. And if they need some guidance, I can help them out by speaking to them directly through the headset.’

team communication

Watch how Vocovo headsets can improve team communication

How to enhance the customer experience in retail

Most of us recognise that today’s food retail consumers expect good service. But how many of us can confidently say we as retailers can improve our customer service?

To address this challenge and show their customers that their in-store experience comes first, retailers are increasingly turning to team communication technology capable of instantly bringing its employees and wider teams closer together.Retail use of vocovo communication solutions

  • KeyPad technology enables employees to answer customer queries within seconds, despite staff colleagues communicating from another level or building
  • Checkouts can be opened with a touch of a button to halt queue build-up
  • ‘Call forward’ technology enables staff colleagues to communicate that new checkouts are opening to customers
  • The VOCOVO app makes it possible for customers to price check products at their convenience

The retail environment depends on team communication to operate smoothly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Using team communication technology, colleagues can communicate with each other in considerably less time than those without.

Visit our interactive map to see the efficiency benefits VOCOVO can bring to your retail store.

Advantages of customer experience software in warehousing, manufacturing, and other environments

Retail isn’t the only industry in which team communication plays a pivotal role. The efficiency of warehousing and manufacturing operations directly impacts productivity, stock availability, and the supply chain’s ability to meet customer expectations.

Staging and events is another environment where ease of communication has crucial importance, both internally and with your customers or audience.

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Other environments

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How VOCOVO enables team communication in the workplace

VOCOVO has been developed using the latest digital enhanced cordless telecommunication technology built around a unique multi-cell configuration.

This means the solution not only delivers instant crystal clear communication of all sizes at any location, but we can grow with new features and devices simply added at a time to suit your business.

At the heart of every VOCOVO solution are lightweight headsets that enable colleagues to communicate instantly using full duplex conference communication. These can also be configured with our range of other fully integrated communicative devices.

This unique configuration allows integration with existing enterprise solutions, reducing devices and saving money. Built around a standard digital interface, we can work with almost anything, offering bespoke solutions to resolve your particular team communication challenges.

Start enabling team communication in your workplace by reviewing our full product suite.

Case study: Jack’s delivers the best retail customer experience using VOCOVO solutions

Jack’s, part of the Tesco family, recently partnered with VOCOVO to drive efficiency and improve customer experience through our team communication technology.

Following overwhelmingly positive feedback from Jack’s employees, the headsets contributed to fast, effective communication on price-checking, warehouse operation, and checkout needs, while enabling employees to react more quickly and flexibly to customer demands. The product also delivered quicker communication than any alternatives, giving Jack’s a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

‘This system worked fantastically at our Jack’s stores’, Andy Newbould, Tesco, reported. ‘The headsets and “call forward” system helped our staff to work flexibly, respond to the needs of customers and their colleagues, and helped the launch of our new stores run smoothly. It was integral to the business model of our stores.’

Download the case study to learn exactly how VOCOVO is driving efficiency and reducing costs for Jacks.

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How to start improving your customer experience

Digitalisation is raising customer expectations but it is also providing today’s businesses with innovative ways of improving the customer experience to meet them.

Smarter working trends are enabling team communication in the workplace, presenting a phenomenal opportunity for companies to minimise inefficiencies, drive sales, and transform business operations.

At VOCOVO, we plan for the needs of your business today and in the future. It’s in our interest that you can make as strong a business case possible for our integrated technology suite, and we will endeavour to assist you in any way possible when you come to planning, drafting, or presenting your proposal to the relevant stakeholders.

For guidance with planning or drafting a business case for a VOCOVO trial, click below to get in touch with us.

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