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Customer service

Prime delivery, voice search, instant streaming—today customers expect fast service in-store and online. VoCoVo empowers teams to respond instantly to enquiries on the phone or at the checkout. Just ask Asda, whose colleagues are helping customers three times faster with our tech.

Team collaboration

VoCoVo replaces tannoys, phone systems and clunky hardware. Your team can receive incoming calls, resolve customer queries instantly and communicate securely—all from their lightweight headsets. When we asked teams at Tesco, 88% of colleagues said VoCoVo makes their job easier.

Security & Theft

VoCoVo integrates with existing security systems to alert colleagues across your store if there’s a problem. When teams coordinate quickly and discreetly via headsets, up to 70% of thefts are prevented and according to our customers, colleagues feel 54% safer at work.

One platform for your team and your work

No matter what your companies goals, having an efficient team is the first step. VoCoVo supercharges your colleagues and your stores, improving efficiencies, customer experience and team morale.

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Each year the average store using VoCoVo saves,

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240km steps

Colleagues can request help, ask questions, and check stock levels all from their Headsets

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390 working hours

Without taking unnecessary footsteps, colleagues are able to get on with the tasks at hand

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£3.7k +

Supercharging colleagues to be more efficient, allows for continuous saving across the store

Connecting teams across the globe

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