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TGI Fridays

Serving up a storm with TGI FRIDAYS

Connecting teams in TGI’s across the UK including their flagship restaurant

The big picture

870 restaurants and 60 countries in need of connected teams.

A man named Alan Stillman opened the first TGI Fridays restaurant in 1965 in New York. 54 years, more than 870 restaurants and 60 countries later, the casual-dining veterans knocked on VoCoVo’s door for a little help reaching low-hanging growth opportunities.

TGI Friday brought VoCoVo into the fold to deliver a little forward-thinking and innovation as part of a wider strategy aimed at tackling inefficiencies while staying fresh and relevant in a rapidly evolving market landscape brimming with fast-growing newcomers.

Initially a single-restaurant install, VoCoVo hardware now features as part of the communications infrastructure across their UK restaurants with more scheduled in line with the continued nationwide revamp.

VoCoVo’s impact

Since install TGI Friday’s flagship restaurant have been benefitting from…

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Improved team dynamic and morale

Commend and congratulate a Store, Region or colleague through VoCoVo. Boasting colleague morale, driving teamwork and creating happier teams.

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Increased up-selling opportunities

Through better service and response times, colleagues are able to more accurately recommend specials.

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No more missed booking calls

Enabling the team to answer incoming calls on their headsets means no calls are missed.

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telephony integration

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Time-inefficencies across every restaurant were really adding up.

TGI Friday reported pinch-points around time-inefficiency, front and back of house team empowerment and overall agility in both front and back-of-house environments. A buzzing environment with ample floorspace meant the TGIF team were frequently covering much ground having to leave their dedicated zones and put customers on hold to find colleagues for basic, but essential communication. A stroll across the restaurant to speak with a manager seems trivial at face value. Multiply time spent finding people across all teams and restaurants nationwide and the opportunity-cost of neglected, reviews-prone customers and missed chances to upsell starts to look pretty ugly.

Besides reducing needless ‘communication-mileage’ and keeping F&B staff centered in their dedicated areas delivering the customer experience, there also emerged a need to better connect departments in such a way that would enable door-hosts to easily retrieve info on table availability without running off to check—leaving new arrivals unattended and going cold. A similar need arose to better empower the BOH kitchen environment with a stronger link to FOH for more fluid coordination and less chance of costly misalignment.


Connected teams walk less miles, and resolve issues quicker… Simple!

Instead of burdening team members with frequent trips across the floor space to communicate with colleagues, VoCoVo now carries crystal clear, full duplex, push-to-talk voice comms across the entire environment—also connecting the back of house environment with the restaurant floor team via a dedicated kitchen handset.

With a VoCoVo controller in play, management can also create and switch between separate conferences to address different teams with managerial message casts heard across all headsets within the chosen conference. Managers and individuals can now collaborate more dynamically and remotely to alert one another of up-selling opportunities to maximise average spend, and can operate seamless, stress-free workflows that keep the team responsive, agile and attentive to diners for better representation of the TGIF brand that generates repeat bookings and word-of-mouth.

“We no longer have to run around looking for free tables, the team and door-host can now communicate and coordinate wherever they are in the restaurant”

Elizabeth Scott   |   Store Manager

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