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Streamline your checkouts

Now your checkout teams can get support at the touch of a button.

Connect your cashiers

Check out our VoCoVo Keypads

Out of till roll, found a damaged product, or need help from a manager? Our Keypads make it easy for cashiers to make specific requests at the touch of a button, without leaving their customers waiting in line.

Each VoCoVo Keypad has eight customizable buttons. Pressing one instantly generates an audible message that’s then broadcast across their team’s voice conference. The message states the location and nature of their request, so colleagues can respond quickly and accurately.

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No more waiting in line

Empower your cashiers and cut queues with our checkout paging systems.

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Scaleable & easy to install

VoCoVo is a fully-modular solution that’s designed around your business and ready to grow when you are.

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No Wi-Fi

Our Headsets don’t rely on Wi-Fi so aren’t vulnerable to the same security risks, blackspots, or traffic peaks.

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Unbeatably secure

VoCoVo keeps your conversations confidential. With no more open radio frequencies or PA announcements.

Smarter support

Integrated voice and audio

When a cashier presses their Keypad for assistance, a team member can call back from their Headset to the Keypad’s integrated audio. This eliminates a round trip to the checkout—saving time for customers and your team. Cashiers can also use the custom message feature to record a short message and broadcast it to their team’s voice conference.

Efficient teamwork

Supported teams at checkout

With our VoCoVo Keypads, your cashiers have all the help they need at their fingertips. Calling for assistance is as simple as pressing a button, with the option to open a two-way conversion between the Keypad and a teammate’s Headset.

Fully customizable

Tech that’s built for your business

Paired with our VoCoVo Headsets, our checkout Keypads bring all the perks of wireless team communications to your checkout teams. Making it easy for them to get help when they need it, without leaving frustrated customers standing in line.

Forget crackling walkie-talkies, poor voice quality, and stilted conversations. VoCoVo is built around proven digital radio technology, keeping communication simple and intuitive for everyone on your team—leaving them free to focus on the task, not the tool.

“A lot of us were skeptical at first, as we were worried that we would really notice wearing the Headsets. We were all shocked at how lightweight the headsets are, we forget we have them on!”

Reduce PAs

Keep things confidential

Ditch noisy PA announcements and let checkout teams contact their teammates discreetly—straight to their Handset or Headset.


Unlock usage data and statistics

With Keypad data and statistics, your business can make customer service a store performance metric. Monitor response times, check Keypad usage, and identify training requirements to improve performance—only available with your VoCoVo support package.

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Battery life

Power-up your checkouts

VoCoVo Keypads can be run on mains power or using rechargeable NiMH, dry cell lithium, or alkaline battery packs. On average, battery-powered Keypads only need to be fully charged once a month (depending on use) and require very little maintenance.

VoCoVo Keypads are configured through the VoCoVo Controller. Voice messages, number of repeats, message priorities, and more are all managed remotely.

Product Specification

Dimensions (mm)
120W X 112H X 27D (mm)
240g (without battery) 360g (with battery)
1.880 – 1.900 GHz (DECT)
Up to 120m line of sight in open space environments Up to 10m for Bluetooth
Battery Specifications
Rechargeable NiMH Pack 4.8V DC Alkaline Pack 6V DC
Power options
Micro-USB battery charge port. Battery-less power input (RJ11 rear feed) Mains 240V
Energy usage
2.5W (per unit)

Frequently asked questions

Do I need Call Points and Keypads?

If you have desks or areas that are not cost-effective to have your team cover all the time (eg. aquarium in a pet store or supermarket deli counter), then customer Call Points can bridge this gap. Instead of having a team member cover a quiet Click & Collect desk all day, customers can simply press the Call Point when they need assistance. Your team will be alerted via their Headsets, and can either respond to the customer remotely or attend in-person.

Keypads are installed at checkout. Cashiers can use their button options to call for assistance and make specific requests without leaving their till. For example, to ask teammates to open another lane or call for their manager.

How many button options can a Keypad have?

Keypads can have up to eight customizable buttons. You can also opt for fewer options and larger buttons. We can also design and print your Keypad buttons for an additional cost.

Can I start with VoCoVo Headsets and add Keypads later?

Yes. But if you have a Headset-only system, you’ll need to add additional infrastructure and a VoCoVo Controller before you can add Keypads.

Will VoCoVo overload my Wi-Fi?


Instead of competing with Wi-Fi-dependent systems, VoCoVo runs on its own frequency dedicated to carrying voice communication in a local environment. If your Wi-Fi goes down, no big deal. VoCoVo keeps running and the show goes on.

You’ll need an internet connection to access features like the VoCoVo Portal, customizable Call Points, and additional integrations.

Can I book a demo?

Yes! Booking a VoCoVo demo is easy. Just contact us to find a date and time that works for you.

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