Call Points: Empower your customers with a touch of a button

Article by Martyn Jones | 11th June 2019

Whether they’re struggling to locate a product, their size isn’t available, or there’s an unmarked price, your customers are constantly looking for help. When they do, they turn to your employees for assistance. Only, tracking anyone down can often prove problematic.

This problem has led to a rise in customers leaving stores empty-handed, with 67.3% doing so because they couldn’t find the product they needed and 63% because products had no marked price.

With efficiency so important to customer experience, Tier 1 retailers across Europe have introduced a new, innovative, communication technology that’s improving productivity and customer satisfaction: VoCoVo’s Call Points.

What are Call Points?

Call Points are a wireless calling system whereby customers can simply press a button and communicate with an employee through a speaker. Integrated with our headsets and handsets, users will instantly be alerted to a customer query, meaning a crystal clear two-way conversation can occur from anywhere in the shop, even if the customer’s on another level or in another building.

Our CallPoints are loaded with pre-recorded messages that tell staff where the customer is calling from, for example ‘customer assistance required at click and collect’. Staff can then respond directly via the call button or let the customer know they will be with them shortly.

Users can also record usage stats and access Call Point data through our Business Intelligence Portal, allowing you to see first-hand how many customers have used the devices, their most popular locations, and whether customer service and sales have increased.

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How retailers, warehousing and the hospitality sector are using Call Points

Our Call Points can be strategically placed around the working environments to suit customer needs, but their applications don’t stop there. Tier 1 retailers are also utilising the communication technology at click and collect and customer service desks to considerably improve the efficiency of their store’s customer service, as shoppers aren’t having to wait for long periods to collect their shopping or voice their queries.

Retailers across Europe have also installed Call Points in fitting rooms, saving customers from leaving their cubicle to find the next size by communicating with an assistant to locate and bring the product to them.

Warehouses and manufacturing environments are placing Call Points at delivery points, allowing delivery personnel to notify staff when they arrived or are waiting to offload. This feature is specifically useful around loud machinery that normally drowns out buzzers and doorbell sounds.

Restaurants are using the hardware system at welcome desks, enabling customers who are waiting for a table or assistance to communicate with a member of staff and notify them of their arrival. Call Points aren’t just impacting customer facing roles too, as restaurant floor workers can communicate any dietary queries or stock quantity with chefs via the speaker, saving them the need to enter a busy kitchen and interrupt progress.

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Implement Call Points and bring the customer to you

Customers often need help finding products or making a decision. But if they can’t get that help quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll leave without buying.

Failure to locate an employee means your customers have to walk across the store to a service desk or checkout, which may well be unmanned or preceded by a lengthy queue.

Now, with the press of a button, you’re empowering your customers so they no longer need to spend precious time searching for staff to answer their queries. How’s that for customer service?

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