Communication solutions for warehousing & manufacturing

Wireless headsets and handsets enable crystal clear conversations in every part of your business. Devices are lightweight and robust, making them ideal for manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Each member of staff only needs one device to stay connected. Headsets and handsets offer a range of ways to communicate – including real-time event messaging, telephony integration, two-way calls, and emails.

You can add other products as and when you need them, such as VoCoVo CallPoints.


Warehousing & manufacturing sector challenges

Types of warehousing & manufacturing technology solutions

How VoCoVo’s products are helping the operations of warehouses and manufacturers

VoCoVo in action: Tesco Jack’s case study

The age of smart warehousing

The future of warehousing & manufacturing sectors

Built around your warehousing or manufacturing business


Warehousing and manufacturing operations are the lifelines of companies around the world. Without these outlets, stock quantities would run low with little storage space, and businesses would eventually run out of products to sell if there’s no production line.

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Warehousing & manufacturing sector challenges

Good warehousing and manufacturing management keeps products flowing efficiently through the system, which is a crucial factor in terms of product availability and a company’s ability to meet customer expectations. When warehouse operations are smooth, the entire company can rely on its supply chain to prevent shortages and holdups.

However, a number of problems routinely affect warehousing and manufacturing operations:

  • Faults in machinery can cause delays in the production line, especially if workers are unaware of the issue. Leaving them too long can also be costly.
  • Untidy inventory locations cause over-ordering of stock and inefficiencies with deliveries and sales
  • Delay in delivery responses as loud machinery drowns out the sound of phone calls or delivery door buzzers
  • Lack of communication between warehouse and store floor workers, leading to time wasted as employees walk from each location

Today, innovative communication technologies are presenting exciting new opportunities for the warehousing and manufacturing sectors to bring their teams together and address many of the challenges they are facing.

‘A tidy warehouse is a tidy mind’. Read this and six other ways to improve efficiency in your workplace.


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‘We're really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.’
Paul Cannon, Head of Retail IT, Wickes
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Types of warehousing & manufacturing technology solutions

With the installation of communication technology such as VoCoVo’s hardware products and software systems, warehouses and factories across the globe are facing customer demands head on, ultimately improving the productivity, efficiency, and delivery of goods whilst impacting their revenue.

Our warehousing and manufacturing communication solutions are perfect for small or large working environments. They’re also highly scalable, making them ideal for warehouses and factories that want to connect employees across shops and car parks.

But which products from our suite do warehouses and factories favour?

The most common hardware solutions are our headsets, handsets, CallPoints, hub, and range extenders, whilst our most popular software system, telephony integration, and our unique Business Intelligence Portal connect their teams through valuable data.


How VoCoVo’s products are helping the operations of warehouses and manufacturers


Our headsets are boosting communications between warehouses and factory employees, as well as colleagues in other locations like the store floor. Shop workers can instantly communicate with headset users in the warehouse to check quantity levels or stock. They can even ask for quick delivery from the warehouse to the store floor, avoiding the need to leave the customer unattended.

The headsets can also be linked with VoCoVo’s telephony integration, meaning calls will no longer be missed due to loud machinery.

In smart warehouses, headsets can also be effective when in an emergency. If machinery has caused an injury to employees and they’re unable to move, they can communicate through the system in order to be found.


The handsets act as doctors to your equipment. If a machine is suddenly faulty, a real-time alert via the Smart App appears on the handsets, diagnosing the problem and allowing the user to immediately call for assistance with the same handset.

These also link with the headsets, allowing team leaders or all employees to be notified of the issue so they can avoid using the machinery for health and safety reasons.

Range extender

Sometimes ‘radio black spot areas’ are easy to come by in far corners tucked away in warehouses and factories, leaving employees to halt their work in order to search for signal. Our range extender increase the wireless coverage provided by VoCoVo base units and is useful for areas such as car parks, delivery depots, and extra-large warehouses.


Similar to range extenders, our hubs create the radio waves that make this connectivity possible and can be placed indoors or outdoors. By creating a network of hubs to extend your wireless coverage across multiple sites such as other warehouses, head office and beyond, the hub allows you to extend the benefits of VoCoVo, improving efficiency across your entire organisation.

Business Intelligence Portal

Warehouses and factories are generating valuable data, but many are unable to harness the power of these insights to improve customer service and efficiency. VoCoVo Business Intelligence is changing that.

Our online portal pulls in data from brick-and-mortar businesses and puts it in a format that’s easy to analyse, allowing companies to improve store management, optimise staffing, and improve training.

With the Business Intelligence Portal, employees can access data such as how many times conversations have begun over the location of a certain product. If the response is overwhelming, workers can approach these issues by tidying or laying out their warehouse in a user-friendly style.


Roll over the blue dots to see the benefits VoCoVo can bring to your business

This person is using his VoCoVo headset to communicate instantly with off-site colleagues via their VoCoVo headsets.

Production line 1 breaks down! The Maintenance Manager is contacted instantly via his VoCoVo headset and is on his way.

Urgent last-minute change to production run! The Account Manager uses her VoCoVo handset to speak instantly with the supervisor on his VoCoVo headset.

A delivery has arrived! The driver presses the CallPoint. Instantly staff hear the message "Delivery arrived - Bay 2" broadcast on their VoCoVo headsets and agree who is to attend.

Urgent problem! The supervisor speaks instantly with her team located around the building via their VoCoVo headsets.

Headset in use

Delivery delayed! The shift leader has received a Real-time event message from a company advising that their delivery will now be arriving at 13.20.

The Manager has his VoCoVo handset on loudspeaker mode so he can monitor headset communication on the shop floor.

Urgent engineer problem! The manager has received an urgent telephone call onto his VoCoVo headset from an engineer who is at a customer site trying to fix a machine.


VoCoVo in action: Tesco Jack’s Case Study

Tesco Jack’s, a budget alternative to the major food retailer Tesco, needed a sophisticated communications system to enable employees to cover a wide range of roles and promote efficiency both on their store floor and in their warehouses. VoCoVo was already working with Tesco and our good existing relationship meant that Tesco approached us, confident we could meet the deadline set.

VoCoVo’s robust headset solution has enabled Jack’s colleagues to move between different sections of the store, from the warehouse to the checkouts, driving a different operating model with fewer colleagues working. The headsets have also improved warehouse operations, with rapid replenishment of stock from warehouse to store floor shelves.

To read more about how Tesco Jack’s transformed their staff communication and efficiency through different roles, download the full case study now.


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“This system worked fantastically at our Jack’s stores. The headsets and ‘call forward’ system helped our staff to work flexibly, respond to the needs of customers and their colleagues”

Andy Newbould, Jack’s by Tesco

Download Case study

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The age of smart warehousing

The Digital Age is well and truly upon us. Whilst the robots haven’t quite taken over just yet, in some warehouses they are well on their way. Where does this leave human teams?

Online giants Amazon revealed that they invested heavily in advanced robotics, deploying over 200,000 warehouse robots working around 50 of its warehouse locations. These robots are programmed to pick and pack products, and they’ve even started delivering boxes to customers in America.

China’s Alibaba, where 70% of tasks are carried out by robots, is the largest robotic warehouse in the world and saves time by three-fold compared to human workers. Here, robots ‘receive’  their daily instructions and go about their duties like a human employee, only these 360°-moving robots can lift up to 500kg on the move, and sensors stop them colliding with each other. They can even self-charge when they’re not in use.

But robotics alone isn’t everything. Whilst rapid technology advancements are now the norm, companies like Amazon still firmly believe ‘human staff will always be needed’. Could the two be used to complement one another?


The future of warehousing & manufacturing sectors

The warehousing and manufacturing sectors are no longer a static component in the supply chain but an area that’s ripe for smart transformation. Soaring demands means customers want goods made to order and delivered as soon as possible in order to suit their busy lifestyle.

To combat this, more and more warehouses and factories are turning to innovative technologies to improve efficiency, productivity, and most importantly communication. As many warehouses and factories don’t have the capacity, money, or the operational requirement to house intelligent robots, team communication solutions are cost-effective, easily implemented, and proven to deliver a return on their investment.

Interested in implementing VoCoVo into your warehousing or manufacturing business? Download our POC guide below that walks you through each step.




Looking to implement a VoCoVo Solution?

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Built around your warehousing or manufacturing business

With competition from every quarter and margins squeezed, it’s more important than ever to keep your business running smoothly.

Our factory communication solutions are perfect for small sites that want to talk to colleagues in other locations.

VoCoVo is also highly scalable, making it ideal for large manufacturers that want to connect employees across different production lines, offices, and buildings. We can even connect you to different sites around the world.


Key Benefits

Get value for money
VoCoVo clients enjoy a rapid return on investment
Improve customer service
Empower staff to assist customers quickly and efficiently
Enable problem solvingMinimise production stoppages
Connect staff to reduce unnecessary downtime
Answer and direct phone callsNever miss a call
Headsets and handsets integrate with telephony
Boost employee experience
Encourage teamwork and help remote workers stay safe
Reduce the number of devices
Replace walkie talkies and phones with multifunctional devices
Minimise employee costs
Optimise staffing levels and reduce unplanned overtime
Future-proof your sites
Add new devices and communication points as needed


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