Site-wide communication solutions

Wireless headsets and handsets enable crystal clear conversations in every part of your business. Devices are lightweight and robust, making them ideal for manufacturing and warehousing environments.

Each member of staff only needs one device to stay connected. Headsets and handsets offer a range of ways to communicate – including real-time event messaging, telephony integration, two-way calls, and emails.

You can add other products as and when you need them, such as VoCoVo CallPoints.


Roll over the blue dots to see the benefits VoCoVo can bring to your business

This person is using his VoCoVo headset to communicate instantly with off-site colleagues via their VoCoVo headsets.

Production line 1 breaks down! The Maintenance Manager is contacted instantly via his VoCoVo headset and is on his way.

Urgent last-minute change to production run! The Account Manager uses her VoCoVo handset to speak instantly with the supervisor on his VoCoVo headset.

A delivery has arrived! The driver presses the CallPoint. Instantly staff hear the message "Delivery arrived - Bay 2" broadcast on their VoCoVo headsets and agree who is to attend.

Urgent problem! The supervisor speaks instantly with her team located around the building via their VoCoVo headsets.

Delivery delayed! The shift leader has received a Real-time event message from a company advising that their delivery will now be arriving at 13.20.

The Manager has his VoCoVo handset on loudspeaker mode so he can monitor headset communication on the shop floor.

Urgent engineer problem! The manager has received an urgent telephone call onto his VoCoVo headset from an engineer who is at a customer site trying to fix a machine.


Built around your manufacturing or warehousing business

With competition from every quarter and margins squeezed, it’s more important than ever to keep your business running smoothly.

Our factory communication solutions are perfect for small sites that want to talk to colleagues in other locations.

VoCoVo is also highly scalable, making it ideal for large manufacturers that want to connect employees across different production lines, offices, and buildings. We can even connect you to different sites around the world.



Key benefits

Get value for money
VoCoVo clients enjoy a rapid return on investment
Improve customer service
Empower staff to assist customers quickly and efficiently
Enable problem solvingMinimise production stoppages
Connect staff to reduce unnecessary downtime
Answer and direct phone callsNever miss a call
Headsets and handsets integrate with telephony
Boost employee experience
Encourage teamwork and help remote workers stay safe
Reduce the number of devices
Replace walkie talkies and phones with multifunctional devices
Minimise employee costs
Optimise staffing levels and reduce unplanned overtime
Future-proof your sites
Add new devices and communication points as needed



Businesses work better connected

With VoCoVo, staff can talk, listen and help at the touch of a button.

For example, there’s an issue with a production line. The maintenance manager can be contacted on their headset and is on their way within seconds.

Delivery drivers use VoCoVo CallPoints to let people know when they have arrived. Staff can then use their wireless headsets to agree who is going to meet the driver.

A supervisor contacts their team via their headsets. If the supervisor puts their handset on loudspeaker mode they can monitor communication on the shop floor. They can also connect with offsite colleagues.


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‘We're really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.’
Paul Cannon, Head of Retail IT, Wickes
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