Empower customers to request help when and where they need it with our wireless calling system

Find customers quickly
Pre-recorded messages tell staff where customers are calling from
Comes with audio call back
Staff can have two-way conversations via their headset or handset
Record usage stats
Access CallPoint data with our support packages or within your portal
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“We’re really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.”

Paul Cannon, Head of Retail IT, Wickes

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Boost customer satisfaction at the touch of a button

Customers often need help finding products or making a decision. But if they can’t get that help quickly, there’s a good chance they’ll leave without buying.

With VoCoVo CallPoints customers can press a customer service button to request help. This broadcasts a message to staff with headsets or handsets, telling them where the customer is. For example, ‘customer assistance required at click and collect’.

Staff can respond via the call button. Alternatively, they can let the customer know that they are on their way.

Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, within fitting rooms, at delivery points, or at click and collect desks.




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