Source business insights from your customers and staff

Your stores, restaurants, factories, event venues, and warehouses are generating valuable data.

But many businesses are unable to harness the power of these insights to improve customer service and efficiency. VoCoVo Business Intelligence is changing that.

Our online portal pulls in data from brick-and-mortar businesses and puts it in a format that’s easy to analyse.

For example, it’ll show you the average response time for KeyPad requests – drilling down to specific types of requests such as “I need more till roll”.

Companies are using our analytics capabilities to improve store management, optimise staffing, and improve training.

VoCoVo Business Intelligence

Make better business decisions with VoCoVo Business Intelligence

Sources data from VoCoVo products
Access information from staff headsets, handsets and beyond
Creates digital dashboards
Log in to the online VoCoVo Portal to access your data and dashboards
Shares key insights 24/7
Access key insights for your business to monitor and optimise performance

Our Products

VoCoVo’s Business Intelligence portal integrates with headsets and all other elements of the product suite. Learn more about all of our business communication tools here.

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“We’re really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.”

Paul Cannon, Head of Retail IT, Wickes

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