Event and restaurant communication solutions

Our communication headsets for theatre, event venues, and restaurants enable crystal clear conversations in every part of your business. We also offer wireless handsets.

Both types of devices are specially designed to be lightweight and robust for fast-paced environments. No wires, cables, or battery belts required.

Each member of staff only needs one device to stay connected. Headsets and handsets offer a range of ways to communicate – including real-time event messaging, telephony integration, two-way calls, and emails.

You can add other products as and when you need them, such as VoCoVo CallPoints and KeyPads for ticket desks and box offices.


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There’s an urgent problem! The Stage Manager speaks instantly with her team located around the theatre via their VoCoVo headsets.

This person is using his VoCoVo headset to communicate instantly with his sound & lighting colleagues via their VoCoVo headsets.

Urgent maintenance problem! The Maintenance Manager is contacted instantly via his VoCoVo headset and is on his way.

The manager has her VoCoVo handset on loudspeaker mode so she can monitor headset communications.

Urgent last minute change! This person is using her VoCoVo handset to speak instantly with a colleague on his VoCoVo Headset.

Box Office Assistant requests immediate ‘manager assistance’ using the VoCoVo KeyPad. Her manager is communicating with her via his VoCoVo headset to resolve the query. The assistant hears the reply via the KeyPad’s Audio TalkBack feature.

A delivery has arrived! The driver presses the CallPoint. Theatre staff hear the message on their VoCoVo headsets and immediately let the driver know they're on their way via the CallPoint Audio TalkBack feature.

Built around your business

Our event and restaurant communication solutions are perfect for small sites where employees want to connect with colleagues in other locations.

They’re also highly scalable, making them ideal for large enterprises that want to connect employees across kitchens, bars, restaurants, and stages. They can even connect your venue to different sites around the world.



Key benefits

Drive increased sales
VoCoVo clients enjoy a rapid return on investment
Reduce queues
Connect front of house staff with colleagues across the business
Improve customer experience
Empower staff to assist customers quickly and efficiently
Answer and direct phone callsNever miss a call
Headsets and handsets integrate with telephony
Boost employee efficiency
Connect staff in an instant and encourage teamwork
Reduce the number of devices
Replace walkie talkies and phones with multifunctional devices
Find collegues fasterMinimise employee costs
Optimise staffing levels and reduce unplanned overtime
Future-proof your restaurant
Add new devices and communication points as needed



Businesses work better connected

With VoCoVo, staff can talk, listen, and help at the touch of a button.

For example, a box office assistant uses a VoCoVo KeyPad to request management support. The manager gives advice via their headset and the box office assistant is able to complete the booking.

A waiter takes a customer phone call over his headset, thanks to telephony integration. He jots down the booking information. If he’d had to run to the office to take the call, he would have missed it.

Staff share information instantly via their headsets. In a restaurant, this could be a waitress asking a chef a question without having to leave the customer’s side. In an event venue, this could be a stage manager reporting an urgent issue to the maintenance team.

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“Although, not a West End Theatre company, the demands we place on our equipment are no less exacting. This solution is perfect for its simplicity in set-up. The super-light headsets are unobtrusive and blend seamlessly into the background and most importantly, the crystal clear and easy communication that lets us ‘forget about the kit’ and get on with the job in hand.”
Blakeney Players
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