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The 3 major challenges retailers are facing

Today’s retail stores are navigating new challenges in their mission to achieve labor efficiency, better customer experience, and operational excellence. Engineered by retail experts in collaboration with retail teams, VoCoVo devices are built to empower the people at the heart of your stores.

Better associate wellbeing with VoCoVo

  1. Associate safety
    A growing concern within the retail landscape, with customer aggression and theft on the rise. How do you ensure your associates feel safe in the workplace?
  2. Health & Safety
    Working on the sales floor poses health and safety risks. Risks include spillages, carrying heavy items, and stocking high-shelving. Ensuring you protect your associates from these risks is critical.
  3. Associate Retention
    Having associates who feel safe and supported at work, ensures that your teams can focus on delivering the best customer experience possible.
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How can VoCoVo help you achieve better associate wellbeing?

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Ensure associates are never alone

Our Series 5 Pro headsets allow for discrete communication among employees and security teams. With half of store associates considering quitting their jobs as a result of customer abuse, it’s critical to make a change.

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Create a safe & connected store

VoCoVo’s all-in-one solution provides an easy, but discreet way of notifying other headsets, or security, of a threat in-store. Making sure your team and store stay safe at all times.

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Alert to health & safety risks

Our headsets allow for quick reaction times to health & safety risks. Team members can easily alert one another about an issue, so no person is harmed in your store. Ensuring compliance and reduced litigation across your estate.

Better store efficiency with VoCoVo

  1. Managing telephone calls
    How can teams effectively manage customer phone calls, without compromizing in-store experience?
  2. Labor shortages
    Balancing a limited number of associates alongside increasing customer demand, it’s vital to maintain a level of high productivity within your teams.
  3. Understanding your stores
    What tools do you have in place to gain insight into your stores? Being able to highlight areas of improvement and development is pivotal in overall store success.
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How can VoCoVo help you achieve better store efficiency?

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Make it easy to reach an associate

With VoCoVo call points your customers are never too far from help. Our call points can be placed anywhere in your store, the customer simply presses the button for assistance and can engage in a 2-way conversation with an associate.

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Never miss a customer call again

Associates can answer customer calls on the shop floor with our telephone integration. Hands-free headsets let associates answer customer questions both in-store and on the phone, without pausing their work.

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Get the full picture with the VoCoVo Portal

Tap into data from across your estate to optimize the ROI of your devices. From headset usage and call point activations to associate response times, the Portal makes it easy to analyze performance and increase efficiencies.

Better in-store experience with VoCoVo

  1. Building loyalty
    In today’s highly competitive retail environment, fostering an enjoyable experience is essential for building loyalty, but how can you elevate that experience to stand out from the crowd?
  2. Click-and-collect
    With BOPIS options in stores proving consistently popular, ensuring a seamless integration of this experience is vital to overall customer satisfaction.
  3. Associate availability
    Even with limited associates available, customer questions must be answered promptly and accurately. How do you ensure associates can always be reached?
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How can VoCoVo help you achieve a better in-store experience?

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Enable communication

Ensure a better in-store experience. Connecting your teams via the Series 5 Pro headsets, allows for associates to communicate with one another when they need help. This ensures that customer questions are answered to the highest standard.

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Talk to customers with ease

Our call points ensure customers can get the attention of an associate with ease. Two-way communication means a customer can receive help, without physically being next to an associate.

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Create a seamless checkout experience

The VoCoVo keypads connect your checkout staff with their peers, being able to alert them of requirements at the touch of a button. Headsets also ensure enhanced communication to ensure a smooth self-checkout experience, allowing every customer the best experience possible.

Better training and retention with VoCoVo

  1. Staff Recruitment
    Recruiting new associates remains a difficult task for many retailers, finding ways to offer an attractive place to work is important in such a competitive market.
  2. Associate Training
    Once you have your associates onboard, how do you train them in the most effective way possible with limited resources? How do you ensure associates receive regular training updates?
  3. Retaining your workforce
    Feeling valued and appreciated is a core part of employee retention, how can you ensure your workforce feels connected and included, from store to head office?
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How can VoCoVo help you achieve better training and retention?

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Empower on-the-job training

With limited time to onboard staff, with VoCoVo headsets you can connect your new recruits to your experienced associates. Let your associates assist each other on the shop floor, gaining experience and maintaining productivity.

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Connect associates with HQ

Disconnected employees equals dissatisfied employees. With VoCoVo’s Message Cast, store managers and HQ can send messages directly to associates via their headsets, keeping them informed and feeling valued.

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Meet associate needs

With VoCoVo all associates can be connected. Alternative headset wearing styles are available for those who need them. Designed for maximum comfort, headsets can be adjusted to the individual. Integrations with TCoil also ensure those hard of hearing can get the full connected experience.

Better store innovation with VoCoVo

  1. Sustainability
    Involving your employees in sustainability goals can be crucial in ensuring that you achieve them.
  2. Smart Integrations
    With smart devices on the rise, how do you combine your technology to truly empower your employees?
  3. What’s next for your stores?
    Our API is designed for the future. As the retail landscape evolves, you can ensure you’re in the ultimate position.
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How can VoCoVo help you achieve a better future for your stores?

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Communicate requirements

With Message Cast, you can set regular reminders for tasks, whether that be to do with power saving or recycling. You can encourage your associates to be an active part of your goals.

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Integrate your solutions

What does the store of the future look like for you? With the number of IoT connected devices on the rise in retail, our headsets can be integrated with thousands of smart devices.

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Preparing for the future

Our API ensures you’re future ready. With VoCoVo devices you have the scope to connect to whatever devices emerge in years to come, making sure that your headsets can support you in staying competitive and connected.

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