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Building better customer experiences

Empower your team to deliver their best service by reducing steps and optimising their time.

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More talking, less walking

Think of all the hours spent walking to the stock room or searching for colleagues on the shop floor. With VoCoVo, your team can check stock, find a colleague or ask a question straight from their Headset.

Never limit your network

With a range of 90m per Base Unit and the freedom to connect up to 1000 devices across your stores, your VoCoVo system is easily scalable and always ready to grow. Covering inside and outside areas, without relying on Wi-Fi.

VoCoVo Infrastructure

Supercharge all areas of your store

Customer service buttons can be placed around stores, in front of paint mixing machines, locked cabinets, delivery points, or at click and collect desks.

With homeware stores being large in scale, our Call Points are essential to connecting customers with colleagues. Our Call Points are entirely mobile and can be picked up and moved around the store with ease. Whether the store has been rearranged or a point of display has been introduced, Call Points can be there to assist customers and empower staff.

The VoCoVo Call Point means that our staff are able to move around the store, all the while being connected to our key service desks in case they are requested. Customers no longer have to search for a colleagues to assist them.

Customer Call Points

Help customers faster

When your team is connected through voice, colleagues always have the right expertise to help customers. Just ask Wickes, where teams are responding three times faster with VoCoVo.

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Why homeware stores choose VoCoVo

Building strong customer experiences through voice.

On-demand service

There’s no need to tie colleagues down to static desks like Click and Collect or Customer Service. With our Call points, customers simply request assistance as and when they need it.

On-the-job training

VoCoVo makes it easy to train new staff by giving them the confidence to learn as they go. When they have a question, they can get answers instantly via their Headset.

Confident, knowledgeable staff

Connect your staff with VoCoVo and watch them grow into a happier and more knowledgeable team.

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Crystal clear audio

Not another Wi-Fi burden

Built around proven digital radio technology, communication between colleagues is simple and intuitive. Utilising professional grade radio frequencies, our Handsets, Headsets, Call Points and Keypads won’t be a burden on your Wi-Fi when connecting your teams.

Purposefully designed for connecting teams

Our tech is good news for customers, too. According to our research, customers are 300% happier with their in-store experience when stores use VoCoVo.

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Knowledge transfer

Teams can share their knowledge instantly by asking each other questions

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Improved team morale

Colleagues feel safer and better connected with the use of VoCoVo

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Training / Onboarding

New starters can be mentored remotely, allowing senior staff to stay active

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Remote broadcasting

Connect stores to each other, and send messages through head office apps

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Efficient colleagues

Not having to walk around for answers, colleagues get on with the tasks at hand

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Customer experience

Customers now get the best from your colleagues and services

Start your journey towards a better connected team.