Extend your wireless VoCoVo network

Supports all VoCoVo products
Extend radio signals for headsets and handsets
Widens your network
Connect up to three repeaters per base unit
Easy to power
Only requires a mains power source
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“We’re really impressed with the quality of the VoCoVo headsets. Costs have been reduced as we no longer have to replace parts so frequently.”

Paul Cannon, Head of Retail IT, Wickes

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Make your base units go further

The VoCoVo Repeater provides a simple means to extend the range of your VoCoVo wireless network.

Widen coverage where additional base units would normally be required. This is especially useful for areas such as car parks, extra-large warehouses, and fitting rooms and cafes that are attached to other buildings.

Overcome ‘radio black spot areas’ – where coverage is reduced or limited – by adding a Repeater to your VoCoVo system.




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VoCoVo Repeaters integrate with headsets and all other elements of the product suite. Learn more about all of our business communication tools here.

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