A single VOCOVO device for all your communication needs

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Communication devices such as VOCOVO Handsets and apps for smart phones & tablets offer communication options including real-time event messaging, telephony and geo-fencing alerts.

VOCOVO devices and apps interface seamlessly with headsets, eliminating the need to carry multiple devices.

VOCOVO is a modular and scalable solution so additional devices such as handsets, smart phones and tablets can be added to your VOCOVO solution as and when it suits the needs of your business

Rugged handsets stand up to wear and tear:

A VOCOVO rugged handset is perfect for security or warehouse teams that need robust devices.

A Panic Alarm/Man Down facility broadcasts an ‘Urgent Help required’ message, making this an essential safety device for lone workers.

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Key Features:

Conference listerning
Single device for multiple communication options
Add devices at a time to suit
Real-time event messaging
Link seamlessly with headsets
Communicate cross enterprise & beyond
Ruggedised handsets
Receive geo-fencing alerts