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Reduce steps, cut theft and keep your store running smoothly by connecting your team with one solution.

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More talking, less walking

Think of all the hours spent walking to the stock room or searching for colleagues on the shop floor. With VoCoVo, your team can check stock, find a colleague or ask a question straight from their Headset.

Team communication

Stop thieves in their tracks

VoCoVo integrates with existing security systems to alert colleagues across your store if there’s a problem. When teams coordinate quickly and discreetly via headsets, up to 70% of thefts are prevented and according to our customers, colleagues feel 54% safer at work.

Voice conferences

Set up your teams

Create conference channels for your individual shop floor teams to keep more concise team collaboration. All the while, keep the whole team connected via a general channel that colleagues can join. Unlike traditional walkie-talkies, we use full-duplex technology to deliver crystal-clear audio that flows in both directions. This means you can listen to others while you’re speaking, just like you’re talking face-to-face.

Easily identify staff

With colleague uniforms being less obvious, VoCoVo headsets make colleagues identifiable on the shop floor. Allowing customers to ask for assistance more confidently and receive better service when they do.

Customer Call Points

Supercharge all areas of your store

With retail stores being an ever changing environment, our Call Points are entirely mobile and can be picked up and moved with ease. Whether the store has be rearranged or a point of sale display has been introduced, Call Points can be there to assist customers and empower staff.

“The flexibility of the VoCoVo Call Points means that we don’t need colleagues to be tied to manning help desks or the changing rooms. Instead colleagues can be more productive, and assist customers when they are needed”

Customer Call Points

Why fashion stores choose VoCoVo

Building seamless customer experiences through voice.

On-the-job training

VoCoVo makes it easy to train new staff by giving them the confidence to learn as they go. When they have a question, they can get answers instantly via their headset.

Lightweight wireless design

Don’t weigh your team down with clunky tech and awkward battery packs. Our wireless Headsets are lightweight, comfortable and designed to blend in, so they’ll never go out of style.

One device

Let your team talk, listen and help customers from anywhere in store using the lightest Headset on the market. This includes receiving voice alerts, checking stock and training new colleagues ‘on-the-job’ with access to help and support via their Headset.

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Crystal clear audio

Not another Wi-Fi burden

Built around proven digital radio technology, communication between colleagues is simple and intuitive. Utilising professional grade radio frequencies, our Handsets, Headsets, Call Points and Keypads won’t be a burden on your Wi-Fi when connecting your teams.

Designed for connecting teams

Our tech is good news for customers, too. According to our research, customers are 300% happier with their in-store experience when stores use VoCoVo.

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Knowledge sharing

Colleagues can share knowledge instantly with each other to help customers faster.

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Improved team morale

Colleagues feel safer and happier at work with VoCoVo.

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Training and onboarding

New starters can be mentored remotely, ask questions and learn as they go.

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Remote broadcasting

Speed up store-to-store communication and send updates from Head Office apps.

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Efficient colleagues

When colleagues don’t have to search the shop floor for answers, they can get on with task at hand.

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Customer experience

Customers get faster responses, shorter queues and the best of your colleagues.

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