Upgrade your customer experience

Personal service for every customer, no matter how big your store.

How it works

Powered by real conversations

When we say “push-to-talk,” we mean it. With VoCoVo, your associates can talk and listen from any location in store with no delays, because our Headsets transfer voice data in real-time. Whether they’re helping a customer or checking stock with a member of the team, their conversation happens immediately to make every shift more productive.

Make your teams naturally attentive

Great service means giving customers the right help, at the right time—without them feeling crowded. With our Headsets, your team can coordinate to monitor the sales floor together and respond quickly when a customer needs help. It’s the only way to master perfect timing and friendly service that never feels forced.

Unlock their expertise

Think about your most experienced team members—the people your customers rave about because they always know how to help. They’re already supporting customers in their own stores, but together, they have the potential to change your whole approach to customer service. Our VoCoVo Headsets connect individuals, teams, and stores, so associates can share their knowledge remotely.  When a customer asks a question, they get an accurate answer on-the-spot. No waiting around, no hassle, just great service that’s worth talking about.

Why connect your teams with VoCoVo?

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Simple stock management

Associates can check stock from anywhere in store and respond to integrated alerts to keep smart-shelving stocked.

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Easy upselling

Increase every associate’s ability to upsell by broadcasting new offers and promotions direct to their Headsets.

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No more missed calls

Team members can make, receive, hold, and transfer calls from wherever they are on the sales floor.

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Faster authorizations

Speed up transactions and get more customers through checkout with our hands-free voice authorization feature.

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On-demand service

Free up associates to stay productive on the sales floor, only returning to desks like In-store pick up when customers need them.

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Quieter stores

Reduce distracting PA announcements by empowering associates to communicate and resolve issues discreetly instead.

Bring on-demand service to your stores

Are your associates tied to static desks like Customer Services, In-store pick up, or your dressing rooms or deli counter from open till closing time? Based on data from our customers, keeping these locations covered full-time (c. 66 hours per week) costs the average store $53,800 per year. With our VoCoVo Headsets and Call Points, there’s no need to keep your team hanging around—customers simply tap the Call Point when they need help. And by freeing up just one person to work elsewhere, you’ll typically recoup your installation costs within three months.

Beat the queues with smoother transactions

A customer calls for assistance. The clock starts ticking. Maybe they need authorization at self-checkout or they’ve found a faulty product at the register. But now they’re stuck until help arrives. Our checkout Keypads make it quick and easy for cashiers to request support, and our Call Points alert associates when a customer needs help.

No more PA announcements

Set the tone for your customers’ shopping experience with a welcoming atmosphere and a professional team that’s in control. Our VoCoVo Headsets replace noisy PA callouts and let associates talk to each other, get answers, and resolve issues discreetly via their Headsets instead.

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