What Value Does a VoCoVo Proof of Concept (PoC) Bring to Your Business?

Article by Olivia Robinson | 17th August 2021

Deciding to change the way your team communicates is a big decision and one that can be very disruptive. In this article, we’ll evaluate how VoCoVo has impacted those businesses who have succeeded in rolling out our innovative team communication technology in their stores, looking at the results from our customer reports and case studies, as well as current retailers benefiting from VoCoVo.

Why VoCoVo?

VoCoVo has a strong history of delivering performance in retail communications. Our solutions deliver customer satisfaction, improved employee motivation, and business efficiency. We’re passionate about retail communications and are ready to help you start providing better engagement, faster communication, and smarter ways of working through our PoC trial.

We’re proven to succeed in multiple ways, including:

Increased sales

  • Tap into the collective knowledge of your colleagues and answer customer queries faster with our headsets and handsets
  • Reduce customer waiting time by enabling them to call colleagues to delis, customer service desks, and ‘Click and Collect’ points using our KeyPads and CallPoint products
  • Check stock in the warehouse without leaving your customers waiting
  • Remove tannoy messaging to enhance the shopping environment and customer experience
  • Automate delivery of colleague messages such as product recall notifications to stores

Better safety and security of staff and customers

  • Colleagues are safer when they have a visible communication device
  • Colleagues feel safer when wearing our headsets — they can always talk to others within the store, removing the fear and risk of lone working
  • Suspicious behaviour can be reported to colleagues instantly
  • Provide security staff with their own conference channel so they can send security messages discreetly

VoCoVo also offers software systems that can be integrated with your existing telephone systems, third-party devices, and monitored remotely 24/7. The VoCoVo API can push voice alerts to your headsets from other in-store systems, including:

  • Self-scan checkouts, so they no longer need to be permanently staffed
  • Use smart shelves to alert colleagues to stock issues
  • Pressure mats/PIR sensors to send alerts about customer behaviour in store
  • Inventory management/stock check systems enable colleagues to be reminded of critical actions
  • Scheduling/rota software can tell staff when they’re needed elsewhere
  • RFID rollcage tracking raises voice alerts when chilled roll cages have been out of the chiller too long
  • Freezer/fridge sensors to inform when temperatures are reaching the threshold
  • RFID for baskets/trolleys at the front of the store to ensure that there are sufficient available

Our Advanced Business Intelligence provides a deep understanding of how companies perform across stores, restaurants, factories, event venues, and warehouses. This estate-wide management system allows businesses to optimise staffing levels, make data-driven decisions from leaderboards of cross-store comparisons, and use customer service as a measure of store performance.

VoCoVo customer reports: the results

Tier 1 retailers who have implemented VoCoVo into their stores have recorded the following results:

  • 198% increase in how quickly colleagues are able to help with customer enquiries
  • 70% decrease in store theft
  • £2.5million efficiency savings year on year
  • 87% think they are better equipped for serving customers
  • 52% increase in how safe colleagues feel at work

Not sure what to expect from a VoCoVo PoC? Look no further than our article.

Major retailer case studies

VoCoVo has released the magic in two of the UK’s major retailers: Tesco Jack’s and Wickes.

From driving efficiency and effective communication in-store to changing the outdated, often unreliable systems previously used by staff, both retailers had their needs for trialling VoCoVo.

Discover how their PoC’s enabled them to address these challenges by downloading the full case studies below.

Download the full Tesco Jack’s case study here.

Download the full Wickes case study here.

Retailers already benefiting from VoCoVo technology

Over the last 25 years, VoCoVo has been installed in over 4,000 individual locations and growing across the globe. Retailers currently benefiting from our innovative communication technology include:

Retailers who introduce connected technology and empower teams to wow customers are in a prime position to exceed their customers’ expectations of retail service and increase efficiency by connecting colleagues around the store.

It’s not just their customers who benefit, either. By trialling a VoCoVo PoC, retailers are making their stores safer for staff, reducing store thefts, and improving staff morale.

The value a VoCoVo PoC can bring to your business

Our innovative technology solutions are already changing the way Tier 1 retailers across Europe are communicating. By conducting a successful VoCoVo PoC, you’re well on your way to remaining competitive while experiencing increased sales and profit, rapid ROI, boosted efficiency, and unbeatable customer experience.

Book a demo today and discover what a PoC could do for your stores.

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