What to do when you need support with your VoCoVo estate

Article by Abby Flatman | 11th February 2021

When you invest in VoCoVo, we provide extensive training to get you started. We’ll show you how to use each piece of equipment in turn, and how to keep track of them all through our Online Portal. We also provide triage training to help your IT department handle any problems they may encounter. Finally, our customers gain access to a broad range of online support guides and video tutorials, covering every aspect of the VoCoVo system.

Nevertheless, things can still go wrong. Everyone needs a little extra assistance from time to time, and we are happy to provide it. If you find yourself stumped by a tech issue, our support team is there for you. Here’s what to do when you need help:

Give us a call

Our technology may be state of the art but we still appreciate a good old fashioned phone call. 

  • VoCoVo customers can call our support centre at any time during business hours. If you choose one of our comprehensive care packages, we have extended levels of support to offer. 
  • Our telephone support team is fully trained to help you with any aspect of your VoCoVo estate, from equipment maintenance to software management. 
  • Once we’ve answered your question, we’ll send you an action plan via email with all the relevant information. 

Wondering which support package is right for you? Read our handy guide

Drop us an email

You can always contact us by emailing [email protected] and we will endeavour to respond within one business day. If you choose one of our support packages, you will be assigned your own account manager. They will already know the details of your estate, so you can email them directly with any issues. 

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VoCoVo Online Portal

Our Online Portal allows you to keep track of your entire VoCoVo system. As well as monitoring your store’s progress and checking the status of individual devices.

  • Every issue is assigned its own ticket. You can use this to check the progress of your request.
  • You can use the portal to check the health of your devices. We’ll keep you updated on our progress and let you know if we’re sending an engineer. 

Let us handle it 

If you choose our MaaS (Managed as a Service) or DaaS (Device as a Service) support packages:

  • We’ll keep track of your devices, this is an ongoing process, so you’ll never be left with an incomplete inventory. 
  • Engineer visits are assigned automatically and are included free of charge.

We believe that product support is just as important as the product itself. If you’re having trouble with your VoCoVo system, or if you’d like to talk about upgrading your support package, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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