Less visible, more comfortable. Why colleagues love the design of our Series 5 Pro headset.

Smaller, comfier and cleaner- why the Series 5 Pro is a hit with colleagues

Article by Abby Flatman | 5th July 2023

At VoCoVo, we’re always on the hunt for ways to make retail colleagues’ lives easier. Our products need to stand up to the realities of the shop floor, and this means regularly updating our designs based on colleague feedback. Our latest headset is the perfect example. 

The Series 5 Pro is packed with features designed to alleviate the most common pressures on colleagues. Improving sound quality is a big part of this, but flawless audio is no good if colleagues don’t feel comfortable talking. That’s why we’ve taken great care to design a product that is as easy to wear as it is to use. 

By focusing on physical and psychological comfort, we’ve created a headset that never feels like an imposition. Colleagues can wear the S5 all day long, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience as they go. 

Read the full story behind the Series 5 Pro:

More discreet

Rather than using a long microphone boom to ensure clear conversations in noisy environments. This did a great job of picking up colleagues’ voices, but it’s no longer necessary. 

Thanks to the latest in digital signalling and environmental noise cancelling technology, we’ve been able to shorten the microphone boom considerably. Rather than one long microphone, the S5 uses two shorter ones- one at the front and one at the rear. The front microphone is perfectly positioned to pick up colleagues’ voices, while the rear microphone employs our state of the art noise cancelling algorithm to filter out unwanted sounds. 

Without the long microphone boom, the S5 has a more discreet appearance. This allows colleagues to wear it all day without feeling self-conscious.

Even more comfortable

Our headsets have always boasted ergonomic designs and a choice of wearing styles, but we wanted to take things even further with the Series 5 Pro. Every element is designed with comfort in mind, making it our most wearable headset yet:

  • The smaller microphone boom improves weight distribution, allowing for maximum comfort over longer wearing times 
  • A unique comfort framework makes the device fully adjustable for all head sizes,  hairstyles and head coverings
  • Breathable TENCEL earpads keep colleagues cool on hot days

These changes guarantee physical comfort, but we wanted the S5 to provide psychological comfort too. The pandemic made us all more aware of the importance of hygiene, and this left many colleagues reluctant to use shared devices. Since individual headsets are not viable for most stores, we needed to find a way to make colleagues feel secure in the hygienic integrity of each device. 

The Series 5 Pro is fully modular, meaning that individual components can be removed and replaced with ease. As well as being more sustainable and cost effective, this makes it much easier to practise good hygiene:

  • Colleagues can clean shared components before the start of a shift 
  • Colleagues can keep their own earpads and add them to the device before they start work

Putting colleagues first: why comfort is key to the Series 5 Pro


All day comfort needs an all day battery

By combining these benefits, we’re confident that colleagues will want to wear the Series 5 Pro for their entire shift. For this to work, the headset needs a battery that won’t let them down. 

Fortunately, this is another area in which huge strides have been made in recent years. Battery technology has improved a great deal, and so has our ability to direct this power. This is called intelligent power management, and it’s a real game changer for battery life.  

Exclusive to the Series 5 Pro, intelligent power management is a whole new approach to powering rechargeable devices. Rather than keeping every feature powered at all times, the S5 directs energy only to those currently in use. This allows it to outlast the competition without sacrificing performance:

  • 40 hours of standby time from a single charge
  • Up to 12 hours of talk time 
  • A 50% charge in just 30 minutes and a full charge in just two hours
  • The only headset on the market that can last multiple shifts over a two day period

The Series 5 Pro is comfortable enough to wear all day, and has the battery to match. Whatever the shop floor throws at you, we’re confident our new headset can handle it without breaking a sweat. Why not book a demonstration and see for yourself?

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