What does it mean to be a VoCoVo Partner?

The VoCoVo partnership scheme lets you grow your business without having to go it alone. Here’s what we offer, and how you can get involved.

Article by Dean Chettra | 10th October 2023

At VoCoVo, our mission is to transform retail for the better. From small local businesses to huge global chains, we believe that everyone can benefit from a connected retail store with improved shop floor communication. 

We’ve been expanding our global reach and have spent the last few years tirelessly spreading the word. Now, we are actively looking for strong vertically and technically aligned partners to go to market with. Here’s a look at what it means to be a VoCoVo partner, and why it could be just what your business needs. 


What is a VoCoVo partner? 

As a VoCoVo partner, you are authorized to resell our products directly to other Tier 2/3 businesses. As well as providing headsets, call points and keypads, higher level partners can also sell software and services on our behalf.


There are three partnership tiers, each with an agreed revenue target and its own set of benefits. Every new partner starts off at the Gold Tier, and all partners must buy their products indirectly through a VoCoVo Authorized Distributor. 


  • Gold Tier Partner: As a Gold Tier Partner, you are authorized to resell our VoCoVo Go and Go+ solutions to stores with a smaller footprint. This means providing headsets, keypads and call points in a single package to convenience stores and other small franchises. 


Gold partners must have at least one dedicated VoCoVo sales person, and one VoCoVo technical support resource to install the system. They are also expected to commit to a minimum revenue target. 


  • Platinum Tier  Partner: Like Gold Tier Partners, Platinum Tier Partners are authorized to resell our VoCoVo Go and Go+ solutions. The difference is that we allow you to go bigger, giving you permission to supply Tier 2/3 customers with a maximum footprint of 300 stores. As well as providing the basics, Platinum Tier Partners are allowed to offer software and API integrations.  


Platinum partners must have at least two dedicated VoCoVo sales persons and two tech support resources to install the system. At this tier, you are expected to be a trusted advisor to your customers and to help them scale quickly if necessary. You are also expected to commit to a minimum revenue target. 


  • Titanium Tier Partner: In addition to providing VoCoVo Go and Go+ solutions, Titanium Tier Partners are authorized to resell our enterprise solutions. This allows you to work with larger businesses as they expand their networks, providing scalable technology and access to relevant data insights.  


Titanium partners must have at least three dedicated VoCoVo sales persons and three tech support resources to install the system. Once again, they are expected to act as trusted advisors and to deliver a minimum revenue target. 


  • Distributor: For those who are really passionate about our products, we offer the option of becoming a VoCoVo Authorized Distributor. As a Distributor, you are allowed to resell VoCoVo products to other VoCoVo partners. This means overseeing your own regional network of resellers, and being the first port of call for their enquiries. Distributors are seen as an extension of VoCoVo itself, so they are expected to have advanced skills and impeccable product knowledge. 


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What are the advantages of becoming a partner? 

Our partnership scheme is a great opportunity to expand your business without the risk of launching a new venture on your own. Our award-winning products have a proven track record, and are trusted by some of the biggest names in retail. You’ll be able to trade on this reputation, opening doors that would otherwise be closed. 


The flexibility of our partnerships scheme means that you can fit it in around your current business. You can sell hardware to generate instant revenue, or you can provide software and services for a reliable annual income. Combining these revenue streams can be extremely lucrative. Our UK & European distributors have recorded over 100% annual growth every year since joining the scheme. 


Whatever you decide, we’ll be there to offer our support. Your success is our success, and we‘ll do everything we can to make our partnership thrive. Perks include:

  • Tiered discounts on all VoCoVo products – Discounts agreed between Distributor and Partners.
  • Full training to help your salespeople generate leads
  • Access to our partner portal where you can see the latest product information and marketing collateral, register deals, apply for MDF/Co-op, receive qualified leads and much more…
  • Access SPIFF’s for our most successful partners.


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How do I apply?

Applying to become a VoCoVo partner couldn’t be easier. Simply fill in our partner form to register your interest, and one of our partner managers will be in touch to discuss the next steps. Learn about your business and its goals and, if everything goes well, we’ll suggest an entry level tier, conduct a full training and onboarding programme and, before you know it, you’ll be one of us!


To find out more about the partnership scheme, or to book a product demonstration, don’t hesitate to get in touch

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