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Article by Olivia Robinson | 4th January 2022

Modern retailers use a wealth of technology to keep stores running smoothly. While there will always be those who are suspicious of change, these people are now firmly in the minority. In recent years, colleagues and customers alike have become increasingly tech-savvy:

The new challenge for stores is not incorporating technology, but finding ways to combine multiple technologies effectively. Smart devices don’t exist in isolation. They are part of a wider network, often called “The Internet of Things.” From smart fridges to Fitbits, the world has become a complex web of over 10 billion interconnected devices. This is transforming retail:

Integrating multiple devices opens up near limitless possibilities for customer service. But first these devices need a way to communicate. This is where API’s come in handy. 

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It refers to a piece of software that allows two devices to communicate. Think of it as an interpreter for devices that speak different languages. APIs also play an important role in security by controlling which information is shared between devices. 

Most modern tech comes with an inbuilt API, and ours is no exception. Our system is designed for unlimited integrations with a huge range of smart devices. Here are just a few examples:

Smart shelving

Smart shelving uses computer vision to continuously monitor stock levels. It can be linked to our headsets to alert colleagues whenever a product is running low. This allows you to restock as quickly as possible. Smart shelving can also spot suspicious patterns of depletion, alerting security colleagues to possible shoplifting incidents. 

Find out more about VoCoVo and smart shelving:

Security doors and alarms

When stores are busy, it’s easy to forget about end of day tasks. Our headsets can be linked to security doors and alarm systems to ensure that important jobs aren’t missed. If a colleague leaves a door open or forgets to set an alarm before leaving, an automatic alert is sent to their headset. This allows you to end your shift with complete peace of mind.  

Smart fridges

VoCoVo can integrate with many of the leading brands of smart fridge. If a door is left open or the temperature gets too high, an alert is sent to nearby colleagues. This means that you can respond to the situation before any food is spoiled. 

Smart CCTV

Smart CCTV is a powerful weapon in the fight against shoplifting. Our API allows you to integrate headsets with security cameras, triggering an alert as soon as the camera spots anything suspicious. Security teams can respond immediately, increasing your chances of catching thieves in the act. 

Control your notifications

In order to ensure that colleagues aren’t bombarded with alerts, our system allows you to control the notifications received by each colleague. For example, you can make sure that shelving alerts only go to colleagues on replenishment duty.

Our API is designed for the future. As new technology emerges, we are confident that you’ll have no trouble incorporating it into the VoCoVo ecosystem. If you have any questions about smart integration, don’t hesitate to ask

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