Setting daily reminders across multiple teams: how to use the VoCoVo SaaS portal

Article by Martyn Jones | 29th July 2020

Our SaaS portal is a one-stop shop for all the software integrations available in our system. It enables you to customise your VoCoVo ecosystem, and pulls together all the data available so that you can see the workings and trends within each location.

Let’s find out more about the functionalities on offer, before we dive into how to use the reminder tool to communicate easily across teams:

VoCoVo SaaS portal modules available:

System management

Each SaaS portal comes with a number of changeable modules. For example, a system management functionality that monitors performance. This allows your IT team or third party support centre to log in, see what hardware is online, see any faults that have occurred and which headsets are charging. It provides total visibility of the system.

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We also provide a number of other plug-and-play modules that can integrate with our SaaS portal. If you want to integrate telephony, it’s easy. Our telephony module is sold via our SaaS portal, allowing for full phone integration into the headsets, so colleagues can take calls wherever they are. 

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SCO integration

In future, we’re excited to be launching an integration with self checkout (SCO) providers. This will enable colleagues to unman their SCOs, freeing up staff. Our SaaS portal in turn will show SCO faults, which colleagues are online, the time savings and results, so that managers can track performance.

We’re also working on a business intelligence module that can gather data from all parts of our solution to enable HQ to understand performance, as well as a number of other IoT integrations (for example, security and stocking).

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How to use the SaaS portal to set daily reminders:

Reminders are a core functionality of our SaaS portal. In all retail teams, we know that some jobs need to be performed at certain times throughout the day. When stores close at 9pm, colleagues have to perform a range of tasks to ensure the store is secure. 

Small but mighty tasks

A small task, like shutting freezer doors on time, can have a big impact. A customer of ours saved over £2million in annual energy bills by ensuring freezer doors were closed in a timely manner. If you’ve got new staff, reminders as voice messages can automate these small but important tasks.

Easy distribution of HR messages

For team collaboration, HQ can send messages down and cascade them across teams. Whether it’s filling in holiday forms, distributing a new HR policy or a matter of product recall, these messages are sent out in real time. This reduces the risk of having paper notifications in store that get ignored. Instead, important messages go out straight away directly to headsets.

Voice messages

Next year, we’re upgrading this functionality to include voicemail, so that when you enrol in your headset a series of messages will be stored waiting for you. We’re also introducing a demonstration with Microsoft Teams, so that specific messages can be scheduled for particular times.

Retail communication is heading in interesting directions. At VoCoVo, we want to support the development of automated, personalised messaging to save you time and money.

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