Our most environmentally friendly headset yet – how the Series 5 Pro can help you meet your sustainability targets

Customers care about the environment, and they expect retailers to feel the same. Our S5 Pro headset reduces waste so that you can provide a greener customer experience.

Article by Sharon Hooton | 14th August 2023

Modern shoppers want more than low prices and great service. Ethical consumerism has captured the world’s imagination, and customers are actively seeking out stores that make a positive impact. 

This is especially true when it comes to the environment. A new generation of consumers are coming of age, and sustainability is at the top of their agenda. In order to attract these customers, stores need to do more than pay lip service to environmental issues. Ethical shoppers want to see results, and this means setting strict sustainability targets. Meeting these targets will be tough, but we can help.

Our new S5 Pro Headset makes it easy to combine a top notch customer experience with a low environmental impact. It’s packed with features to help you serve customers more effectively, while also being designed with sustainability in mind. Here’s a look at why the S5 Pro is our most environmentally friendly headset yet. 


Ethical consumerism is here to stay

Across the planet, customers are gravitating towards brands with strong ethical credentials. This is especially clear in the UK, whose consumers rank as some of the most conscientious in the world:

  • 37% of UK adults base their shopping decisions on ethical criteria
  • 34% have ditched a brand because it failed to meet their ethical standards


These sentiments are strongest among younger shoppers, with 66% of 18-24 year olds and 59% of 25-34 year olds favouring ethical retailers. As these consumers gain more financial independence, stores will have no choice but to prioritise ethical concerns. 


Modern shoppers care deeply about issues such as diversity and workers’ rights, but one concern stands above all else. Of all the factors that dictate ethical buying decisions, environmental impact is consistently top of the list:

  • 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important
  • Over half of shoppers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products
  • 84% of customers say that poor environmental practices will alienate them from a brand


The message from consumers is clear- go green or go home. For retailers, this doesn’t just mean stocking sustainable products. It also means updating your infrastructure to minimise your environmental impact. This is where the S5 Pro really shines. 


How we got here- the journey to the Series 5 Pro


The UK gets an F for e-waste

In order to keep up with the demands of modern shoppers, retailers are becoming increasingly reliant on technology. This is great for the customer experience, but it’s not always sustainable. Technology changes rapidly, and updating your system means throwing away old hardware. This “e-waste” is a growing problem, both for stores and for the UK at large:

  • The UK generates the second highest amount of e-waste per capita, with the average Brit throwing away 23.9kg of electronics every year 
  • By 2024, the UK is expected to overtake Norway as the world’s biggest producer of e-waste


Customers are keen to reduce their carbon footprint, and they expect retailers to help them. Both Tesco and Morrisons now offer a free recycling service for electrical equipment, and other supermarkets are likely to follow suit. 


This is a great way to help your customers, but what about your own environmental impact? With 90% of shoppers believing that technology improves their experience , cutting the amount of in-store technology is not an option. Your only choice is to choose devices that generate less waste, and this is where we can help. 


More than the sum of its parts

The Series 5 Pro is our most sustainable headset yet, and perhaps the most sustainable on the market. This all comes down to a single word: modularity. 


Unlike previous models, the Series 5 Pro is made up of several distinct components. Everything from the battery to the earpads can be removed and replaced independently, opening up a world of environmentally friendly possibilities:

  • If a part wears out, it can be replaced without the need to buy a new headset. This drastically reduces e-waste, as well as saving you money.
  • The lifespan of the headset is no longer dictated by the lifespan of its battery. When the battery eventually wears out, you can simply slot in a new one.
  • As new technology becomes available, the S5 Pro will be able to incorporate it. Updated parts can be added to the headset, allowing you to enjoy the benefits without having to upgrade to a new model 


Read more- how we’re prioritising sustainability in our own company


Built for the long haul

By making S5 Pro modular, we’ve ensured that repairs and updates can be performed without creating unnecessary waste. This is vital for sustainability, but it’s only part of the picture. Repairing individual parts is greener than replacing the whole headset, but not having to repair them at all is even better. With this in mind, we designed the Series 5 Pro to be our sturdiest product yet:

  • Fully resistant to water and dust
  • Can withstand a 6 ft drop without damage- the average height of a male colleague
  • Can be submerged in 30 cm of water for up to 30 seconds
  • Buttons are internally secured and externally protected to prevent damage


When modularity meets durability, the result is a win-win. By generating less e-waste, you can show environmentally-minded customers that you share their concerns. By reducing the amount you spend on replacement equipment, you can maximise profits and free up money for other parts of your business. 


Sustainability is just one of the many areas in which the S5 Pro excels. From sound quality to battery life, our new model is a real world-beater.


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