Why audio quality is so important to us and our customers

An audio device is only as good as its sound quality. Our new headset employs the latest environmental noise cancelling technology to provide unbeatable clarity.

Article by Olivia Robinson | 31st May 2023

Our headsets are all about fast and effective communication, so audio quality is crucial. We’ve always insisted on the latest in full-duplex technology so that we can provide crystal-clear conversations in the most hectic environments.

Our new Series 5 Pro takes this strong foundation and builds on it. Using the latest environmental noise cancelling technology, we’ve created a headset that can cut through the chaos of a busy shop floor. We’ve also introduced a dual microphone design to boost message clarity, and a shorter microphone boom for maximum comfort and discretion.  Here’s a closer look at these changes and what they mean for your team. 


An audio revolution

The Series 5 Pro is more than an update. It’s a fundamental shift in retail technology. We’ve designed every detail from the ground up, making some significant changes along the way. Of these, perhaps the most impressive are those related to audio quality.  

Our new headset comes equipped with two microphones- one at the front and one at the back. The front microphone is specially tuned to pick up human speech. Colleagues can speak at a normal volume and have their messages relayed with absolute clarity. 


The back microphone is where things get really interesting. We’ve sampled the environmental noise from dozens of retail stores and used these samples to create an environmental noise cancelling algorithm. From rattling trollies to buzzing power tools, this microphone assists our noise cancelling algorithms in identifying and eliminating background noise. 

With ambient sound removed, we can focus on the messages themselves. The Series 5 Pro uses the latest in digital signalling technology to quadruple audio definition and clarity. When combined, these changes add up to an unbeatable audio experience. 


Go behind the scenes of the Series 5 Pro


Clarity and comfort

The practical advantages of improved audio are clear, but there’s another more subtle benefit. Our previous model had a long microphone boom, and this was sometimes an issue for colleagues. Besides being physically restrictive, the design of the microphone made some colleagues feel uncomfortable. They felt that it drew too much attention, as well as being physically restrictive in some cases. 

At the time, there wasn’t much we could do about this. A long microphone boom was the only way to ensure that messages could be heard over the noise of the shop floor. But now, thanks to digital audio technology, this is no longer a problem. 


The combination of dual microphones and noise cancelling technology has allowed us to shorten the microphone boom considerably. This has given the Series 5 a much more discrete look. Colleagues no longer have to feel self-conscious, and they can enjoy the physical comfort that comes with a shorter microphone. 


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The message is clear

At VoCoVo, we believe that better communication is the key to efficiency on the shop floor. The easier it is to communicate, the less time colleagues have to spend searching for information. The less time spent searching for information, the more time there is to help customers. 


This idea is at the heart of everything we do, but it only works if every message gets through. If colleagues have to repeat themselves, any efficiency savings will soon evaporate. That’s why we focused on audio quality when designing the Series 5 Pro, and why we will continue to do so across all of our products.


That said, there’s more to our new headset than flawless audio. From its staggering battery life to its innovative modular design, the Series 5 Pro excels in all areas. Talk to our team to book a demonstration.

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