Much more than a headset – how our call points, keypads and system integrations transform your communication

Article by Martyn Jones | 13th January 2021

Communication is the biggest challenge

At VoCoVo we pride ourselves on keeping in touch with the reality of the shop floor. Last year we interviewed 251 retail colleagues about their roles. We asked them about the challenges they faced, their concerns about the future, and the ways in which things could be improved. One word came up time and time again: communication.

  • 47% said that better communication with colleagues would make them more productive
  • 21% said that lack of communication with colleagues was their biggest concern
  • 35% said that they would feel more empowered with better communication
  • 90% of colleagues also admitted to feeling vulnerable at work. A lack of communication was a major factor in these concerns.
  • 33% of colleagues felt unsafe when they were unable to communicate with coworkers or security 
  • 33% felt vulnerable when working alone

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Your colleague’s sentiments are mirrored by those of your customers. Research shows that communication (or the lack of it) is at the top of many shoppers’ lists of grievances.  Customers want to be listened to and to have their queries dealt with promptly:

  • 64% of customers expect an immediate response from companies
  • 70% say that they are loyal to businesses who treat them as individuals
  • 85% of customers won’t call back if their phone call isn’t answered

Better communication is a win-win

Better in-store communication is good news for everyone. Colleagues can do their jobs more effectively, resulting in greater productivity and job satisfaction. This leads to better customer service, improving your reputation and driving sales. 

Each of our products improves communication in its own way, but they’re not designed to be used in isolation. The real power of VoCoVo is its capacity for integration. Our products work in harmony to create a communication ecosystem, keeping colleagues and customers in the loop at all times.

  • Customer Call Points are linked to colleague headsets. Whenever a customer calls for assistance, an automated message is sent to all colleagues. This tells them the customer’s location and the nature of their query. 
  • Call Points have two-way communication, so colleagues can answer queries remotely without having to track down the customer. Our research shows that this reduces each colleague’s walking distance by 1.4KM a day, saving you £442 per week per store in lost time. 
  • Checkout Keypads allow colleagues to call for back-up in a safe and discreet way. You can choose from several pre-selected help categories, or record your own personalised message. Like Call Points, Keypads send this message to all colleague headsets. 
  • Our message casting feature allows head office to send the same message to all colleague headsets simultaneously, or to send it to all colleagues in a particular store or region. This allows you to receive real-time updates from management, rather than waiting for the next team meeting. 
  • Headsets can be integrated with your phone system, or can replace it altogether. Colleagues can answer customer calls via their headsets from anywhere in the store, putting an end to missed calls.

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Life is better with VoCoVo

Imagine this scenario. A customer has ordered an item online to collect in-store. They’re not sure if it has arrived yet, but they passed the store on their way home and thought they’d check. First, let’s take a look at how this would play out without VoCoVo: 

  1. The customer enters the store but cannot find the Click & Collect desk
  2. They wander the store in search of a colleague
  3. They eventually find a colleague who points them to the desk
  4. They queue at the desk behind other Click & Collect customers
  5. They reach the front of the queue and ask the colleague if their item has arrived
  6. The colleague goes to the stockroom to check, leaving them waiting along with the other customers behind them in the queue
  7. The colleague returns and tells them that the item has not arrived yet, but it should come in tomorrow
  8. The customer leaves empty-handed after spending 20 minutes in the store. They are frustrated at having their time wasted, and dread repeating the experience the next day

The colleague has done nothing wrong here. They are doing their best with the technology they have. Nevertheless, the customer still leaves feeling unsatisfied. 

Now let’s take a look at the same scenario with VoCoVo in your corner:

  1. The customer enters the store but cannot find the Click & Collect desk
  2. They press the Call Point at the entrance for help
  3. A colleague answers immediately via their headset. They are happy to direct them to the Click & Collect desk,  but they might be able to save them the trip
  4. The customer gives them their Click & Collect order number and the colleague calls through to the stockroom to check if the item has arrived
  5. The stockroom colleague tells them that the item isn’t there yet, but that it should arrive tomorrow. The first colleague relays this to the customer 
  6. The customer leaves the store after less than 5 minutes, not having queued at all. Even though they are leaving empty-handed, they are impressed with your service

49% of consumers will share a positive experience with others. Harnessing the power of a connected store will dazzle your customers and work wonders for your reputation. 

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