Understanding VoCoVo message casting – The voice link between HQ and the frontline

Article by Martyn Jones | 3rd November 2020

When teams in separate locations can communicate effortlessly, everyone benefits. 

VoCoVo’s message casting feature is designed to help colleagues instantly share information, across multiple teams and areas. 

This makes communication between HQ and the frontline more efficient. It can help to ease some of the stresses currently facing colleagues in the UK.

What is message casting?

Message casting allows HQ to share voice message updates with the shop floor in real time, ensuring that everyone is receiving the same guidance simultaneously. 

Using our portal, colleagues can send updates to as many or as few colleagues as they like. These messages can be either recorded or typed, and can be directed to a single store, a particular region, or the entire network. 

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Connecting teams, company-wide

Message casting enables colleagues at HQ to send the same message to multiple locations at once. It provides a direct link between HQ and the shop floor, allowing for greater productivity and company-wide compliance. 

It is also easy to customize casting, selecting specific stores, regional managers or locations to tailor the message where it’s needed.

Communication between managers and frontline colleagues is a lifeline during times of stress. COVID-19 has made communication across teams especially important. With social distancing guidelines met, team meetings can still happen with our technology in place. 

Keeping colleagues safe

The government is taking an increasingly regional approach in its fight against COVID-19. The ability to tailor messages to certain areas will prove especially useful. 

Keeping everyone safe and ensuring compliance with government guidelines is easy with message casting. Communication keeps colleagues on the same page, which has always been important from a customer service point of view, but now it is also a matter of public health. 

With government safety guidelines often changing at short notice, waiting for messages to filter down from the top is no longer an option.  

Improving communication

One of the most challenging aspects of recent months has been uncertainty. As well as keeping everyone safe, message casting supports wellbeing. 

In our most recent report, 48% of retail workers said that better access to information would make them feel more empowered at work. A further 43% believed that better communication across all departments would be the best way to increase productivity. The message here is clear: colleagues are happier and more productive when they are kept in the loop. 

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Product recalls and credit card authorisation

When credit card authorisation systems fail, it can cause huge disruption in retail. Our message casting enables HQ to update multiple stores about CCA problems in an instant. The stores know when CCA is down, and are able to act accordingly. Our system also enables colleagues to notify HQ once they have complied, and for HQ to update stores when the CCA resumes normally. 

Another area in which the feature really shines is product recalls. These often come directly from HQ with very little notice, and failing to act quickly can have serious consequences. 

Our technology allows you to immediately notify all colleagues of a product recall, ensuring that the item is removed from all stores as swiftly as possible. 

For more information on message casting, or any of our other features, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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