How does VoCoVo work? We look at a typical store set up

Article by Olivia Robinson | 22nd June 2021

In previous blogs, we’ve talked a lot about the benefits of VoCoVo. We’ve described the ways in which it can save you money and its positive effects on the customer experience. Now it’s time to get into the nuts and bolts. How does our system actually work? 

Here we’ll take a closer look at the main components of the VoCoVo ecosystem and the ways in which they interact. We’ll start with the backbone of our set-up: the base unit. 

A strong foundation

We pride ourselves on our reliability, and this all starts with our base units. These provide the signal for all of the VoCoVo equipment in your store. Each unit acts as a hub for up to 29 headsets, as well as any call points and keypads that you wish to add. While competitors limit you to 30 headsets, VoCoVo can accommodate up to 1,000. If you need more headsets, you can simply add more base units.

Each base unit can come with a controller. Consider this your way into the system. You can use it to access all of VoCoVo’s features, and to track data to improve your performance. 

Our base units boast a number of unique features which ensure that they will always outperform the competition:

  • Base units are fully synchronised. This means that they share the available radio spectrum rather than competing for space
  • Base units operate independently of your store’s wifi. They will keep working even if your internet goes down
  • Seamless handover technology allows you to transfer between base units without having to disconnect and reconnect
  • Base units are connected in a star configuration. This means that they do not rely on neighbouring units to function. If one unit stops working, it won’t affect the others

Make your signal go further with a repeater

No store is too big for VoCoVo. Our base units have a range of 300 metres and can work across multiple floors. If 300 metres isn’t enough, we can install a repeater to extend the signal further. These are designed for stores that are too large for a single base unit, but not large enough for multiple units. Simply add one or more repeaters and watch your signal grow. 

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Headsets, Call Points and Keypads

With your base units in place, it’s time to add some hardware. The VoCoVo ecosystem is made up of headsets, call points and keypads, all interconnected via our crystal-clear signal. Headsets are a must, while call points and keypads can be added according to your needs. 

These are all useful pieces of equipment, but the real magic happens when they work together:

  • Customers can call for help via a call point and colleagues can answer using their headsets. This saves you the hassle of attending to every customer in person
  • Call points can be placed on Click & Collect desks. Customers can press the call point and colleagues can contact the stockroom via their headsets to check if the order has arrived
  • Checkout colleagues can call for help via keypads and shop floor colleagues can respond via their headsets

Keep track of everything in one place

To get the most out of your VoCoVo system, you need to be sure that every element is working properly. That’s why we provide an intuitive software portal where you can keep track of all your equipment at once:

  • See the status of individual devices. This allows you to fix maintenance issues, recharge low batteries and replace outdated equipment
  • Install software updates
  • Monitor usage to improve your performance
  • Manage permissions to control who has access to what
  • Everything is cloud-based so you can access it securely from anywhere

What we’ve described here is only the beginning. We also provide a range of add-ons, allowing you to create your own bespoke set-up. 

Contact our team today to discuss your options. 

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