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Article by John Hicks | 16th March 2022

Colleagues are only human, and even the most dedicated team member sometimes needs a nudge. Simple tasks can be easily forgotten:

  • Forgetting to restock shelves can cause food to go off before it can be sold. As well as losing these sales, you also incur the cost of waste disposal. Getting rid of unsold food costs UK supermarkets over £2 billion a year
  • Forgetting to set the alarms before going home can leave you vulnerable to overnight theft.
  • Missing a product recall can put customers in danger and leave you open to prosecution. Failing to comply with a recall notice can incur a fine of up to £20,000. 

A gentle nudge

VoCoVo allows you to set personalised voice reminders. These are automated messages that play through a colleague’s headset at a given time, usually to remind them of a task. Switching to personalised voice reminders has a number of benefits, both for productivity and for morale:

  • You can remind colleagues of outstanding tasks in a non-intrusive way. Managers don’t have to waste time checking up on colleagues, and colleagues don’t feel they are being pestered.
  • Colleagues can cross off a task by saying “task complete”, giving them a feeling of accomplishment. 
  • Colleagues can set their own voice reminders, encouraging autonomous working. 
  • Voice reminders can be used to train new team members, speeding up the onboarding process considerably.

VoCoVo is the perfect training tool. Here’s why:

Keep everyone on the same page

The pandemic showed us all the importance of consistent messaging across stores. Safety regulations were liable to change at a moment’s notice, so keeping everyone up to speed was vital. 

Even as things return to normal, this consistency remains important. Some messages are too urgent to wait for the next team meeting, and this is where message casting can help. 

Message casting allows head office to send the same voice message to multiple stores at once. Messages can be sent to your entire estate, or to stores in a certain region. This simple feature can make a huge difference:

  • Stores can be notified of product recalls as soon as they occur
  • Local security teams can be warned if thieves are operating in a certain area
  • Colleagues can be kept in the loop about offers and promotions, ensuring that you don’t miss out on potential sales

Managing colleagues is a delicate balance. Too little guidance can lead to mistakes, but too much can make them feel smothered. Voice reminders and message casting let you give your team a nudge in the right direction without taking away their sense of independence. 

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