Personalised voice reminders – how they work and why your team needs them

Article by Martyn Jones | 3rd November 2020

A personalised voice reminder is a message that plays through a colleague’s headset at a designated time, usually to give instructions. 

The listener can respond to the message by saying ‘task complete’, which will cue the next message in the sequence.

How do they work?

Users can set reminders by logging into the VoCoVo SaaS portal, choosing their own personalised messages and deciding when and how often they will play.

For example, HQ could send a daily message to all headsets reminding colleagues to carry out a stock check or complete reductions. 

HQ or store management can decide which colleagues hear messages, sending the same message to multiple stores or tailoring to individuals, depending on what tasks are needed. 

What are the benefits?

There are many advantages of using personalised voice reminders, both in terms of efficiency and in terms of colleague morale. Here are just a few examples:

  • Personalised voice reminders enable autonomous working. Colleagues will feel more empowered when they are setting their own schedule, and this will increase productivity. 
  • New colleagues can be partially trained via voice reminders, saving you the man hours that would be needed to supervise them. 
  • You can limit food waste and incorrect stock by reminding colleagues to replenish shelves at the optimal time. 
  • You can reduce the energy waste that is often caused by forgetfulness, e.g. by reminding colleagues to close freezer doors just before closing time. 
  • Messages can be personalised to individual colleagues, making them more productive.

Efficiency savings add up

Personalised voice reminders improve efficiency by making sure that important tasks are not missed.

Missing an important task can also disrupt subsequent tasks, causing further delays. Time spent reminding colleagues to carry out tasks in person can be significant, particularly in larger teams.

Our research shows that, by saving 105 minutes a day on task efficiency, you could save £111 a week per store, or £5,748 per year. 

This translates to an annual saving of £2,874,500 for a 500 store estate, or £4,323,248 for a 752 store estate. 

Happier colleagues 

Our most recent survey showed that almost a third of retail colleagues are considering leaving their jobs because they feel too pressured. Nearly half of the colleagues we spoke to said access to better information would make them feel more empowered. 

Allowing colleagues to receive personalised voice reminders rather than constantly seeking direction from management is a great way to empower colleagues. 

Personalised voice reminders allow colleagues to autonomously complete tasks, stay focused and reduce wastage. We think it’s a game changer.

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