Cost effective telephony solution

Give associates the power to make, answer, and transfer customer calls straight from their VoCoVo device.

All in one device

With this integration, authorized associates can make, answer, hold, and transfer calls straight from their VoCoVo device. Teams aren’t juggling unnecessary tech, individuals can connect instantly with other stores or make outgoing calls, and shoppers enjoy a smoother customer experience whether they call or visit your store.

Why integrate VoCoVo with telephony?

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No more missed calls!

Associates can pick up customer calls immediately from anywhere in the store. The result? Faster, more efficient customer service.

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More efficient associates

Forget running to the office or scrabbling for a phone, now team members can answer calls easily while they work.

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Confidential call handling

Associates can park calls while they get help from a manager or find answers quickly, without being overheard.

How it works

Want cheaper telecoms? VoCoVo can integrate with any telephony provider with an SIP (including PSTN, ISDN, and PBX). Once you’re set up, your teams can ditch cordless phones, for good.

Telephony features

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Call Parking

Associates can park calls while they find answers or transfer to a teammate with the right expertise, so customers always get the best service.

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Outgoing Calls

Need to check stock in another store? The Speed Dial menu makes it easy for associates to call neighbouring stores at the touch of a button.

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Quick-Dial 911

Give every associate the power to call 911 or other emergency services quickly and discreetly from anywhere in the store.

Start your journey towards a better connected team