Upgrading stock replenishment and security in convenience stores


This franchise convenience partner is part of a global network of over 7,000 stores, with around 1,200 in the UK.

The problem

Operating a small convenience store, this store owner had concerns around managing stock levels and tackling thefts. Staff were unable to monitor all areas of the store at busy times.

How VoCoVo helped

Working alongside 3rd party Shelfie, we integrated with smart cameras that can determine stock levels across wide areas of the store. Once an abnormality is detected, such as out of stock or multiple items taken in quick succession, an alert is sent directly to the store’s VoCoVo headsets, with exact details on the issue or item.

The outcome

The retailer found that the addition of VoCoVo headsets instantly lead to much more efficient associates, and the Shelfie integration helped reduce theft and much quicker restock of items.

Snapshot of key findings

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Reduction in theft of items.

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Much more efficient staff.

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Quicker restock – reduction in phantom out of stocks.

“Firstly it’s the efficiencies of staff, secondly is the general cost on expenses and third it’s the utilisation and the expansion of Shelfie since implementing VoCoVo in our stores. What we’ve found is that it allows us more time and energy in areas that can grow the business.”

Store Manager

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