Level up your VoCoVo estate with our Portal – three things you need to know

Article by John Hicks | 20th April 2022

VoCoVo isn’t just about hardware. Headsets, keypads and call points get most of the attention, but what happens behind the scenes is just as important. Our software lets you tinker away to your heart’s content. Whether you want to monitor the health of your equipment or track performance across stores, you can do it all through the VoCoVo portal

In this blog we’ll go behind the curtain and teach you the secrets of the portal. Let’s get started. 

1. No nasty surprises

All of our products are built to last, with sturdy designs and impressive battery lives. Nevertheless, things can still go wrong. Losing a key piece of equipment in the middle of a shift can put a lot of pressure on colleagues. Our portal is designed to stop this from happening:

  • Users can log into the portal, either in store or remotely, and see a detailed summary of all devices. This is entirely cloud-based, so there’s no need for expensive servers. You can also adjust permissions to decide how much information each colleague has access to.
  • You can see the battery life of all devices, allowing you to charge any that are running low. If you manage a large estate, you can filter devices by region or individual store.
  • Routine maintenance tasks such as rebooting base units can be performed remotely, saving you the cost and hassle of an engineer visit.
  • You can set up automated replacement alerts, reminding you to order new equipment when a device is nearing the end of its lifespan. 

2.There’s always room for improvement

Our portal doesn’t just monitor the health of your devices. It also tracks how effectively they’re being used. By giving you access to detailed usage data, our software allows you to spot and rectify areas of weakness:

  • Headset data lets you monitor response times to customer queries. If a certain department is lagging behind, you can assign more colleagues or offer additional training. 
  • You can track call point use in different parts of the store. This allows you to experiment with different locations until you find the one that works best. 
  • Keypad data shows you when and why checkout colleagues are calling for help. If colleagues always struggle with long queues at a certain time of day, you can preempt this by opening another checkout.

3. Keep everyone up to date

The larger your estate, the more difficult it is to keep everyone on the same page. Informing individual store managers of important news is all well and good, but this information can take a long time to filter through to colleagues. 

Our portal solves this problem with message casting. HQ can share updates with multiple stores at once, ensuring that nobody is left out of the loop:

  • Managers can record or type a message via the portal. They can send this to all stores at once, or to selected stores only. Messages can be sent immediately or scheduled for a later time. 
  • Colleagues will receive a notification via their headsets, informing them that they have a new message. They can listen to the message immediately, and replay it as many times as they need to. 
  • You can use message casting to update colleagues on everything from security alerts to upcoming promotions. Managers can rest assured that all colleagues have access to the latest information without the need to call a team meeting. 

These are just some of the ways in which our portal can boost the effectiveness of your VoCoVo system. Talk to our team to find out more. 

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