How VoCoVo protects teams and stores against losses

Shoplifting is an expensive problem for retailers. We’re here to help you fight back.

Article by Joe Martin | 10th June 2022

We’re just a few weeks away from NRF Protect in Cleveland, Ohio. This is the biggest security event in the retail calendar, covering everything from cybersecurity to anti-shoplifting measures. This year’s gathering is set to be huge, with representatives from Nike, IKEA and JCPenney, and even a speech from a former Secret Service agent! 

VoCoVo is going to be there too, rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in retail. We’re sure we’ll learn a lot about the future of crime prevention, as well as sharing a few security tips of our own. 

We’ll be reporting back on everything that happens, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, here are some of the ways that you can reduce losses with VoCoVo.

An expensive problem

As we’re sure you know, shoplifting is a major cause of lost revenue for US retailers:

The problem isn’t just the amount of shoplifting taking place- it’s how much of it goes unpunished. Over 10% of people will commit a shoplifting offense in their lives, but only one in 48 shoplifters are caught. The pandemic made things even worse, with social distancing and the increased use of self-checkouts creating new opportunities for thieves. 

It’s no surprise that criminals continue to target retailers. With such a low chance of getting caught, shoplifting must seem like the perfect crime. Until now that is…  

Better communication means faster responses

Catching shoplifters is a two-part process. An associate has to/needs to raise the alarm, and then a member of the security team has to/needs to intervene. Both of these things take time, giving criminals a window in which to escape. 

VoCoVo is all about shrinking this window. Our headsets let associates contact security at the push of a button, allowing the security team to respond in record time. This greatly increases your chances of catching a shoplifter in the act:

  • Associates can contact security without having to track them down or walk to the nearest PA system. This is far more discreet than using a walkie-talkie, allowing associates to raise the alarm without putting themselves at risk. 
  • Smart CCTV cameras can be linked to headsets using our API. This lets them send automatic alerts to the security team when they spot something suspicious. This feature is unique to VoCoVo, as walkie-talkies cannot be integrated with smart technology.

Find out more about improving security with VoCoVo:

Make the most of external support

Your in-store security team are the first line of defense against criminals, but they can’t be everywhere at once. Many stores also rely on external help, either in the form of private security or the emergency services. This is another area where VoCoVo can help:

  • Our message cast feature allows your external security provider to send an alert to multiple stores at once. If thieves have been operating in your area, all local associates can be warned directly via their headsets.
  • VoCoVo can be linked to your phone system. This allows associates to call emergency services from anywhere in the store, without having to find a phone first. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe at work. VoCoVo gives associates a sense of security that is unmatched by other systems. Our research shows that associates feel 54% safer when wearing our headsets, especially when working alone or at night.

We haven’t touched on employee theft in this blog, but VoCoVo can also help here. Wearing a headset creates a sense of accountability, acting as a strong deterrent to internal crime. 

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