Discreet, smart and robust: Why our Series 5 Pro headset is perfect for fashion stores

The last few years have been tough on fashion retailers, but things are about to change. Here’s how we can help you to make a comeback in 2023.

Article by Olivia Robinson | 26th June 2023

Fashion retailers are a vital part of the high street. As well as contributing £20 billion a year to the UK economy, they offer a vibrancy that few other stores can match. It’s no coincidence that “going shopping” is a euphemism for buying clothes. It’s a uniquely social form of retail, and one of the few that doubles as a form of entertainment. 

Our Series 5 Pro headset is designed to ease the pressure on colleagues so that you can do more with less. From saving money to improving the customer experience, here’s how our new headset can put high street fashion back in style.


Discreet and on brand

Appearances matter, and we were mindful of this when designing the Series 5 Pro. The absence of a long boom also means the headset looks less visible, making colleagues more approachable to customers.


The S5 Pro looks sleek, with a barely visible boom arm containing two smaller microphones. This gives the headset a sleek, minimalist look, making it the perfect addition to any fashion store. 


The advantages of this new design aren’t just aesthetic. The dual microphones also offer a huge improvement in sound quality:

  • The front microphone is perfectly positioned to pick up conversations at a normal speaking volume. It uses the latest in digital signalling technology to provide crystal clear audio over long distances. Even in large, multistory fashion stores, colleagues will be able to communicate with ease.
  • The rear microphone employs a state of the art noise cancelling algorithm to filter out unwanted background noise. We’ve sampled hundreds of soundscapes from retail environments, training the algorithm to recognise the most common interruptions. This allows fashion colleagues to speak freely without being distracted by the hustle and bustle of the shop floor. 


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Customer service your clients will remember

The internet has become the go-to place for clothing, but there is a way to turn the tide. Clothes shopping is one of the few forms of retail that offers a genuine experience, and this is the key to winning back customers. 


For this to work, customers need to feel special. This means making colleges available at all times- easier said than done when numbers are tight. This is where we can pick up the slack:

  • Colleagues can use headsets to check stock levels without leaving the customer’s side
  • The hands-free design allows colleagues to find information for customers while continuing to put out new stock
  • Colleagues can take external calls without leaving the shop floor


Our headsets have always provided these benefits, but the Series 5 Pro takes things even further. A fully adjustable headband and TENCEL earpads make this our most comfortable headset yet. Colleagues will have no qualms about wearing it for an entire shift, allowing you to maintain the same level of service from open to close. And, with up to 12 hours of talk time from a single charge, you won’t have to worry about your equipment letting you down. 


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Save time, save money

You can provide the best customer experience in the world but, if your clothes cost too much, shoppers will take their business elsewhere. As the cost of doing business rises, fashion retailers are being forced to swallow huge losses in an effort to avoid raising their prices. 


By streamlining communication on the shop floor, the Series 5 Pro generates significant efficiency savings. These can offset other costs, allowing you to keep your clothes affordable:

  • The ability to share information from anywhere in store will save the average colleague 1.4km of walking per day. This translates into a monetary saving of over £440 a week
  • By enabling multitasking, headsets can increase task efficiency by 105 minutes a day. This will save the average store £111 per week


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As well as these immediate savings, the Series 5 Pro is designed to reduce your long-term costs. Our new model is our sturdiest yet, saving you money on repairs and replacements:

  • The Series 5 Pro is waterproof, temperature resilient and built to withstand a 6ft drop
  • A fully modular design means that individual components can be replaced without having to buy a new headset


A Headset built for colleagues, that stands the test of time:

We’ve barely scratched the surface here. The Series 5 Pro is a revolution in communication, not just for fashion retailers, but for stores of all kinds. 


We don’t expect you to take our word for it, though. Book a demonstration and see for yourself!  

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