But identifying where your business needs improvement can be challenging, never mind deciding which solution to pick from our product suite. That’s why we’ve created this handy article to guide you through choosing the right VoCoVo product for your business.

Have you identified your needs?

When it comes to choosing your VoCoVo solution, it’s important to first identify your precise business needs. Maybe you’re a retailer whose long checkout queues are deterring customers from shopping with you, or perhaps your staff are constantly walking from the shop floor to the warehouse to check or retrieve stock? If you’re in the hospitality industry, are missed calls costing you paying customers?

Whatever your business challenges, identifying them early will pave the way to understanding which VoCoVo products will solve them.

Do you have a clear idea of our products and solutions?

VoCoVo Go

VoCoVo Go is your first step to instant team communication. Amongst other products, the Starter pack comes equipped with headsets that allow users to respond quickly and effectively to customer and colleague requests, saving time and improving productivity. The touch of a button opens crystal clear two-way communication between users, so there’s no need for colleagues to walk to the warehouse or track down each other on the shop floor in search of answers.

VoCoVo Go is ideally suited to teams that need to communicate instantly across a wide area such as:

  • Retailers
  • Garden centres
  • Restaurants
  • Warehousing and production sites
  • Conference and event management teams
  • Amateur dramatic groups
  • Care homes
  • Teams of all shapes and sizes that need effective instant communication

Find out exactly what a VoCoVo Go Starter pack offers and order yours now.

VoCoVo Connect

VoCoVo Connect is our next grade up. As well as the headsets, VoCoVo Connect includes KeyPads, which allows checkout or box office staff to request immediate support, such as price checking, more till roll, or even open a new checkout.

CallPoints are also included in the bundle, enabling customers on the shop floor to quickly and clearly interact with a headset user, via a speaker. As well as improving your team’s efficiency, this technology saves your customers from having to hunt for an employee. These are specifically valuable for Click & Collect desks or unmanned customer service desks.

Not only does VoCoVo Connect include hardware, but a software system is also provided; our latest Business Intelligence Portal. By collecting data from your VoCoVo systems, reports are generated based on key metrics, allowing you to identify improvements within stores that will ultimately deliver the best ROI.

For example, it’ll show you the average response time for KeyPad requests – drilling down to specific types of requests such as ‘I need more till roll’. By using these results, you can improve on capabilities like response times, store management, and training.

VoCoVo Connect is ideally suited to teams looking for a deeper understanding of how their company performs and ways to harness these insights, including:

  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Factories
  • Event venues
  • Warehouses
  • Teams of all shapes and sizes that are keen to understand their business requirements

To find out more about our unique Business Intelligence Portal, click here.

VoCoVo Connect+

VoCoVo Connect+ comes equipped with more extensive software system products as opposed to its younger siblings. With the usual hardware included as well as an advanced Business Intelligence Portal, VoCoVo Connect+ takes an extra step by introducing our brand new Digital Assistant that uses simple voice commands to get instant answers to questions that might otherwise take minutes, hours or even days.

Telephony Integration also plays a pivotal role in this product package. One of our most popular features, this allows colleagues on the shop or restaurant floor to answer and direct incoming calls on their headsets or handsets, so they’ll never miss a customer query or table booking reservation. No more being tied to office duties. No more juggling multiple devices.

Furthermore, Telephony Integration means staff can transfer calls to specialist colleagues, or answer tough customer questions by calling head office, a distribution centre, or a help desk, all through the handy ‘multiple call handling’ feature.

VoCoVo Connect+ is ideally suited to teams with a heavy influx of calls or external customer queries, such as:

  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Conference and event management teams
  • Care homes
  • Teams of all shapes and sizes who are interested in providing seamless customer experience both internally and externally


VoCoVo’s API+ is the most advanced solution package we offer. Working from voice alerts that are sent to your headsets from other in-store systems, API+ targets your numerous business needs through hardware and software.

Improving productivity through our Intelligent Shelving that alerts staff when a shelf needs restocking, enhancing your business’s security with our integrated alerts, sensors, and dynamic cameras, or notifying the threshold of vital equipment like the temperature of in-store freezers through our machinery notifications system; API+ has it all.

VoCoVo API+ is ideally suited to teams looking for advanced alerts covering a wide area, such as:

  • Retailers
  • Restaurants
  • Warehousing and production sites
  • Conference and event management teams
  • Teams of all shapes and sizes who are looking for an easy-to-use monitoring system of their equipment and features

You’ve made the right decision

Whatever VoCoVo solution you decide to choose for your business, we guarantee you’ll see an impact in sales, security, and customer experience. Our team communication solutions can be integrated with your existing telephone systems and third-party devices, and monitored remotely 24/7, meaning the package you choose will be up and running in little time, with minimal hassle.

So join the 4,000+ (and growing) individual locations across the globe who’ve installed VoCoVo, choose your product, and work your way towards a better communication solution.