Call Points: what’s the big deal?

We explain why our most-loved add on has colleagues delighted

Article by Olivia Robinson | 12th October 2021

This week, we’re focusing on call points. They may be an optional extra, but many of our customers consider them to be every bit as essential as headsets. Here’s why call points are our most popular add-on by far. 

What is a call point?

Put simply, a call point is a help button for customers. Customers can press the call point to send an alert to all nearby headsets. This tells colleagues the customer’s location, allowing the nearest colleague to respond. At the same time, the call point flashes to let customers know that a request has been sent. Colleagues can either attend to the customer in person or answer the question remotely using their headsets. 

We’re constantly improving our call points to make them as effective as possible. Features include:

  • A battery life of up to 90 days
  • Multiple charging options
  • A range of up to 90 metres
  • No open radio frequencies 
  • No need for wifi 

Bringing customers into the loop

Our headsets offer unparalleled communication between colleagues. There’s just one problem- customers aren’t involved. Headsets make it easy to find information for customers, but this only works if the customer can find you first. Searching for colleagues is a major frustration, especially in larger stores. Our recent survey showed that customers have little patience for this:

  • One in five customers say that being unable to find a colleague is their biggest frustration with in-store shopping
  • 26% of customers will leave a store if they haven’t been served within five minutes
  • 25% would be more likely to shop in store if service was faster

What are the top customer frustrations in 2021? Download our report: 

Call points solve this problem by enabling customers to contact colleagues without tracking them down. They can be placed in convenient locations around the store, so that help is always at hand. 

Our two-way call points make things even easier by allowing colleagues to reply to customers directly. Not only does this save customers the hassle of finding a colleague, it also saves colleagues the trouble of walking to the customer’s location. This can reduce daily walking distance by 1.4km per colleague, saving you as much as £442 per week

Find out more about reducing walking distance with VoCoVo

One product, endless possibilities 

Call points are designed to be flexible. Their lightweight design makes it easy to move them around the store as you see fit. By placing call points in different areas, you can make life easier for both colleagues and customers:

  • Call points can be used in areas where customers frequently need advice. For example, DIY stores often place a call point next to their paint mixing stations. This is a complex transaction that usually requires assistance, but it doesn’t happen often enough to put a colleague there permanently. A call point is the perfect compromise. 
  • Call points allow you to unman customer service and Click & Collect desks. Colleagues can perform other tasks during quieter periods without worrying about missing a customer. This can save you almost £600 a week.
  • Our support packages give you access to detailed usage data from your call points. This allows you to track footfall around the store and reposition call points for maximum effect. 
  • External call points (coming soon) will allow delivery drivers to alert colleagues as soon as they arrive.

VoCoVo isn’t just about making life easier for colleagues. It’s also about improving the customer experience. Call points bridge the gap between colleagues and customers so that everyone can enjoy the benefits. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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