5 ways it’s easy to keep track of all your VoCoVo equipment

Article by Martyn Jones | 18th January 2021

VoCoVo is all about simplicity. From answering customer queries to checking stock levels, our equipment is designed to reduce friction at every turn. This isn’t just the case for customer-facing tasks.

We try to offer the same simplicity behind the scenes. No matter how many of our products you have, managing them is just as effortless as using them. Here are 5 easy ways to keep track of your VoCoVo equipment:

1. Download a quick-start guide

We strive to make our equipment as user friendly as possible. Nevertheless, it never hurts to get some guidance. We provide a selection of easy to follow start-up guides for every product in the VoCoVo range. These will:

  • Talk you through the features and functions of our Headsets, Call Points and Key Pads. 
  • Provide practical tips including how to wear your headset comfortably and how to maximise battery life. 

You can download these guides individually or get them all as part of our quick start bundle.

2. User enrolment

Every store colleague is encouraged to take ownership of their device, and keep it safe. Given the current COVID-19 guidelines, this also fosters safe hygienic working practises. Each colleague enrols to their Headset or Handset when they begin work, with a unique password authentication. 

This enables a range of benefits, including 1-2-1 calling and personalised user task lists.

Download a more detailed guide to headsets

3. Track usage to improve service

Our portal provides detailed reports on Call Point and Headset usage. This allows you to monitor customer numbers and keep track of your response speeds. Using this data, you can:

  • Allocate more store colleagues for busier periods.
  • Provide targeted training to improve areas of weakness.
  • Measure your store’s performance against other stores in your network. 
  • Experiment with different Call Point locations to see which is most effective.

This data is available as part of our business intelligence software. Find out more here.

Give us a call for more tips on getting to grips with your VoCoVo equipment

4. Monitor devices remotely with our Portal

Our online portal allows you to keep track of all your devices from one location. Simply log into the portal, either in-store or remotely, and you can:

  • Check the battery life of all devices. If any are running low, you can pinpoint their location and make sure they are charged.
  • Locate the last user of a missing device. If a user is enrolled, our portal will show who last used a Headset before it was lost.
  • Get replacement alerts for devices that are nearing the end of their lifespan. This allows you to order new equipment in good time.

5. Decide who has access to what

The VoCoVo portal allows you to see detailed usage information and to control individual devices remotely. However, you may not want every colleague to have the same level of access. The portal allows you to: 

  • Manage permissions so you can decide who can see and do what.
  • Allocate access to individuals or to teams.
  • Upgrade a colleague’s level of access if they take on a new role. 

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