5 Innovative Communication Technologies Bringing Tier 1 Retail Teams Together

Article by Martyn Jones | 16th February 2019

Digitalisation is leading to new market challenges but it is also providing today’s businesses with innovative ways of addressing them. Smarter working trends are enabling new ways for teams to communicate in the workplace, presenting a phenomenal opportunity for today’s Tier 1 retailers to minimise inefficiencies, drive sales, and transform business operations.

To counter the fact that over half of UK consumers now prefer to shop online than in-store, the world’s biggest retailers are adopting innovative communication technologies that bring teams together and enhance customer experience throughout their stores.

5 Innovative Team Communication Technologies

Built around a Standard Digital Interface, VoCoVo’s technology solutions can be developed to meet your specific team communication challenges, whatever form they take.

Five of our key communication technologies already transforming Tier 1 retail environments throughout Europe include the following:

1. Headsets

Amongst other features, headset technology allows employees to communicate with each other from different floors, buildings, or even the shop floor to the car park. Fully integrated with store telephony, our Wireless Headsets allow you to answer calls away from the telephone, whilst single or multiple conference zones allows users to switch calls to talk to colleagues outside their immediate team.

2. CallPoints

Our CallPoint technology enables your customers to call for shop floor assistance at a push of a button. Once the button has been triggered, the location is automatically transmitted over the headsets. CallPoint types include: click & collect, changing room, and delivery.

3. Checkout Keypads

The two-way audio made possible by Checkout Keypads enables employees to communicate directly with the checkout. This saves even more valuable time, ensuring maximum till transactions and reduced need to open more tills.

4. Handsets and App

Our Handsets and supporting Apps for smartphones and tablets offer communication options including real-time event messaging, telephony and geofencing alerts, directly improving team communication and store efficiency.

5. Telephony Integration

Using Telephony Integration technology, incoming calls can be directed through an auto-attendant or IVR (interactive voice response) to an individual or conference group in your store. Calls are answered with easy-to-use functions on the VoCoVo headset, put on hold while more information is gathered or transferred to a different department or individual. In addition, by dialling the VoCoVo device extension number, off-site employees can speak instantly to team members from anywhere in the world.

Discover how headset technology is transforming one retail giant’s store efficiency.

Bringing Tier 1 Retail Teams Together

At a time when your ability to consistently deliver winning customer service has never been more important, exciting new technology solutions exist to empower store colleagues and bring even the largest retail teams seamlessly together.

Our bespoke service allows you to explore new opportunities provided by the sophisticated VoCoVo technology to achieve ground-breaking efficiencies, new customer service options, or to solve your specific communication challenges, any of which could have a significant impact on your competitiveness and profitability.

Currently, VoCoVo is installed in over 4,000 individual locations and growing across Europe. With new communication technology implemented, retail giants throughout Europe are witnessing first-hand the difference they can make to team communication, improving business efficiency and delivering a better, more customer-oriented experience.

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