VoCoVo GO & GO+

Instant communication for small teams

Ready to ‘plug & play’, our VoCoVo Go kits are designed to connect your team straight out the box.

Plug and play

Meet VoCoVo Go

VoCoVo Go & Go+ are our team communications kits that work straight out of the box. They’re perfect for teams with 100 stores or less, who need to have crystal-clear, full-duplex voice conversations on-the-go. VoCoVo Go and Go+ come with all of the hardware you need without the additional software capabilities that come into play for larger stores, making them great for small teams who need to stay connected over wide areas. Our Go systems are popular with garden centers, car dealerships, conference venues, gyms, production sites, and even retirement homes—wherever there’s potential to bring teams together and give customers a better experience.

Works straight from the box

Wireless communication powered by voice conferencing technology

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Ready to go

Everything you need is in the box—just plug in, charge your Headsets, and go!

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Complete coverage

Our Headsets offer crystal-clear voice communication both indoors and out.

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One-time investment

VoCoVo Go comes with the hardware you need. No subscriptions and no hidden fees.

Get started

What is VoCoVo Go?

Our VoCoVo Go system gives your team instant access to team conferences and one-to-one voice conversations. Just open the box, plug in your Base Unit, charge your Headsets, and go!

VoCoVo Go

What’s in the box?

VoCoVo Go comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of five or up to 29 people with additional Headsets. We’ve included a multi-unit charging rack for storing your devices when they’re not in use, so you’re always ready to go.

Standard VoCoVo Go:

  • 1 x VoCoVo Base Unit
  • 5 x VoCoVo Headsets with headbands
  • 1 x VoCoVo multi-unit charge rack

Optional extras:                                                        

  • VoCoVo Handset
  • VoCoVo Repeater
  • Additional headbands and earhooks
  • Additional ear cushions
  • Additional multi-unit charge rack
Let’s level up

What is VoCoVo Go+?

Ready to take your team communications to the next level? VoCoVo Go+ makes it easy to connect more team members and have a bigger impact on your customers by integrating Handsets, Call Points, and Keypads. Our Go+ systems are powered by VoCoVo Controllers to accommodate multiple voice conferences, making them perfect if you have more than one team operating in the same location.

VoCoVo Go+

What’s in the box?

VoCoVo Go+ comes with all the hardware you need to connect a team of 30+ people, with the extra functionality of our customer Call Points and Keypads to improve customer experience. Our Go+ systems can also integrate with a range of third-party applications, giving you access to business intelligence.

Standard VoCoVo Go+:

  • VoCoVo Controllers
  • VoCoVo Base Units
  • VoCoVo Repeaters
  • VoCoVo Headsets
  • VoCoVo Handsets
  • VoCoVo Call Points
  • VoCoVo Keypads

GO+ is tailored to you, so you can specify how many of each device you need.

Optional extras:     

  • VoCoVo Portal
  • PBX integration
  • Business intelligence app integration   

Frequently asked questions

I have a VoCoVo ‘Go’ system. How can I extend the range of signal?

Yes. If you’re having communication dropouts or black spots, you can increase the signal range by installing an extra Base Unit, or simply adding a Repeater to your existing one. Which option is best will depend on the layout of the environment you want to cover.

Not sure which to go with? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

But before you make any changes, make sure there are no structural obstructions in the environment—like water, metal, and concrete. If there are no structural blockers, please contact our team.

What is the range of the system?

Virtually limitless.

A basic VoCoVo ‘Go’ setup powered by a single Base Unit will cater effortlessly for most small and medium sites.

Repeaters around a single Base Unit amplify the signal into hard-to-reach corners. Whether you need more Base Units or Repeaters will come down to the site footprint.

For enterprise and warehouse scale installs covering vast floor space, you’ll need a Controller Unit able to service around 1000 headsets across vast, olympic-scale sites.

We’ll hand-hold teams with granular training and will also offer guidance on the ‘perfect fit’ VoCoVo install for what you’d like to achieve in the spaces you’d like to achieve it in.

Will VoCoVo overload my Wi-Fi?


Instead of competing with wifi dependent systems, VoCoVo runs on its own frequency dedicated to carry voice communication in a local environment. If your wifi goes down, no big deal. VoCoVo keeps on running and the show goes on.

An internet connection is required should you want to access additional features such as our insight portal, customisable Call Points and various integrations.

If I choose the VoCoVo Go solution , can I add the Customer Call Points at a later date?

Yes VoCoVo is completely modular and scalable which means that any system features and devices can be very simply added to your solution at a time to suit you.

Can I install the system myself?

An entry level VoCoVo solution is designed to be simple, quick and easy to install. If you can put up a shelf, you can install VoCoVo. For larger scale VoCoVo solutions we offer installation services by our team of trained engineers.

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